The Lord GIVETH & TAKETH away

Beware: This post if FULL of ALL CAPS

You're probably wondering how our new dogs are doing. (you didn't know we got TWO new-to-us dogs this week? catch up here).

You've probably even LOST SLEEP due to your concern and REFRESHED constantly hoping for some WORD as to how it's been going due to your OBSESSIVE behavior....Oh wait. That's me. Never mind.

At any rate. THIS is the post you've all been waiting for. I know how y'all thought. "Kristen's getting dogs. TWO dogs at the same time. She's going from none to WOW. That's a lot of CANINE ACTIVITY. CAN'T WAIT to hear all her fabulous stories and see her ADORABLE pictures."

I've got y'all all figured out.

(And in case you're wondering THE ALL CAPS BUTTON is suppressed BECAUSE I want y'all all to understand MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. SIGNIFICANTLY.)

Let's break it down, shall we?

Before Dogs -here's what my life looked like:

Morning: Sleep late. Leisurely drink sweet tea.

Mid Day: Eat Bon Bons. Watch Soap Operas.

Afternoon: Shop on Etsy.

Late Afternoon: Revel in my perfectly organized home.

Evening: Tell hubby how to cook dinner. Watch family serve me.

After Dogs-here's what my life looks like:

Early, early EARLY in the morning (I know what the other side of 6AM looks like now)Wake to barking and whining...fumble my way thru the house, trying to shoosh the dogs so they can relieve themselves out of doors.

Still EARLY: Bring the barking dogs inside so I don't get a nasty note from the neighbor behind (I know this from experience) telling me that my dog barks. Encourage dogs to take a nap in my room (so I can ALSO take a nap at darkthirty) only to remember Ike the Cat is also SNOOZING in my room. World WAR THREE begins between two dogs and one FREAKED-out kitty.

Early Morning (It's still before 7 AM y'all): Everyone is awake. Time to give doggies their medicine for THEIR ALLERGIES (that's another post. Seriously). I wrap tiny pills in tiny pieces of cheese and give one to each dog. ChaCha swallows it whole. Dusty only eats the cheese and drops the pill on the floor. ChaCha eats her second pill. No problem. I do it again for Dusty. She eats the cheese AGAIN, spits the pill out and before I can grab it, ChaCha beats me to it. THAT's THREE pills for Cha Cha, none for Dusty, in case you're counting. I figure Dusty will just itch all day.

And did I mention that DOG GAS STINKS??

You get the picture...
This is where I talk about WHY we now only have ONE dog.

In all seriousness, Dusty (the bigger of the two sisters) started snapping at the kids, my hubby and even my parents when they came to meet the dogs. I was really worried, but figured she just needed some time.

Well. Within the first two days, she actually BIT. Twice. And they were both random incidents when it was unexpected. I got a lot of Twitter advice, but my stomach was in knots. I feared for my kids perfect little faces!

We made a really tough decision to return Dusty to the previous owner, at her suggestion. I emailed her for advice and she thought they would do better on their own.

So far, Cha Cha is doing great and she's getting a lot of attention.

The previous owner and I talked and she decided to keep Dusty.

It's a HAPPY ENDING for all!

Until I need to give Cha Cha medicine. Or she passes gas.

But for now, it's back to bon bons and Etsy.

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