At Least She Keeps Her Shirt On

My three year old is enthralled with Disney princesses like most little girls. My oldest and I are Cinderella fans. But my little one loves Ariel.

I don't know if it's her mermaid physique, the red hair or her seashell brassiere. But, she loves her (not so much the movie-it's still a bit scary, just the mermaid).

As a matter of fact, every time she sees a pile of rocks (these happen to be in my next door neighbor's yard), she runs and climbs up on them:

And starts singing "Awww ..... Ahhwaaaaaaa...AWWHHHAAAAA" (it gets louder and louder and more deafening and very out-of-tune!)

Until she clutches her throat and abruptly stops know, because she wants legs and her voice is stolen by the evil sea witch ...

Which always ends up being me.

"Momma, you be de sea witch. I be the princess."

Have y'all seen that witch? I hope sweet tea didn't do that to her girlish figure!

Who's your princess?

Happy weekend, y'all.



I had a sale (in my awesome friend's garage) to rid my life of the first layer.

We gave the money here

and we bought these:

As I stood in front of a Goodwill drop-off donating my unsold stuff that cluttered my home [and heart], it was a surreal moment. I said, "I want to remember this feeling the next time I want to buy something I don't need."

I'm creating a new cycle.

I just read Radical by Pastor David Platt. It's a thought-provoking, turn-your-world-upside down kind of book and well, radical.

Or is it?

He proposes that God doesn't make us rich (*and if your family income is $10,000 a year, you are wealthier than 84% of the world. If your income is $50,000 or more, you make more than 99% of the world), so you can call yourself blessed and get a bigger house, better car and more stuff, you know live The American Dream. He proposes, based on Scripture, that God gives us more than we need, so we can use it to bless others.

But how many people really do that? How many people take just their daily bread and give the rest away? I personally know one.

I'd love to hear your thoughts either way.

*stats from Radical, 2010


WFMW: Bulk Blogging

I like to do things in bulk. I like to do one shopping trip for the week, JUST ONE. I do not like to go back to the store for two items! I like to clean the whole house at one time (but I don't, of course, who has the time?) I like bulk - it's usually cheaper too.

[warning: rabbit trail] My hubby and I had a job once where we got paid ONCE a month. We paid all of our bills and grocery shopped ONE time. It was so hard, but good for us to learn to budget.

I find that writing in bulk is also the most comfortable way for me to sit down and blog. I have two mornings during the school year and one during the summer that I dedicate to writing time. I write several posts in one sitting. If this isn't possible (and let's face it, even with the best laid plans, life happens), then I take one evening away from the house to write.

I publish mostly every day. I always have posts in my queue. I love this because I don't always know how I feel about something until I write it. This gives my words time to marinate. It also gives me time to edit.

Bulk blogging works for me!

Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.} Have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you'd like to share? I'd love for you to join us!

Please mark your calendar for a special (and popular!) Themed Summer Edition: "Mom, I'm Bored!" in TWO weeks!


Introducing LucyDoo {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with Winners* Congrats to Paisley Place and Mel's Coffee Break!

My dear friend is having her Grand Re-Opening today of her awesome beaded and silver jewelry shop!

Please meet LucyDoo (formerly A Touch of Silver).

I love LucyDoo jewelry because it's colorful, fun and inexpensive. I wear it all the time!

And did I mention it doesn't cost a lot?

Where else can you get a quality set as cute at this for $18?

This jewelry makes the perfect gift for yourself or others! Or yourself! Can you tell I really like it?

Okay. Just checking.

Go visit my friend LucyDoo and tell me your favorite pieces as your entry. Today, I'm giving away TWO $25 gift certificates!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


Date Night

We went to Chick Fil A, sipped on sweet tea and played Farkle for an hour.


It was perfect.

Do you celebrate date nights with your kids? How?

P.S. He's eight today and still the sweetest boy I know. Happy Birthday, son!