I've Never Made a Better PB&J Sandwich

I hope y'all had a chance to watch NieNie on Oprah this week (here's a clip if you missed it and here's Nie's fave moments from the show). My two older kids and I snuggled close and 'met' Stefani Nielson, the mom blogger we prayed for many months ago after she and her husband were terribly burned in a plane crash. 

Stephanie was radiant, a picture of grace and beauty and a role model for mothers everywhere.

She fought to survive so she could do what I take for granted everyday. She painfully dresses her scarred body with creams and ointments daily because she wants to mother her girls and bathe her boys. She stretches her taunt muscles through excruciating pain because she wants to make their lunches and take them to school. 

She reminded me that motherhood is sacred.

I didn't know I'd forgotten that between the loads of laundry and dinner-making. 

But I had.
This week has been one of revelation. I feel so inadequate most days. Just a bad human. Do you know what I mean? Like I don't do anything well, just everything okay.

Nie inspired me to live in the moment. 

Ann's words (Holy Experience-a MUST read) stirred me deeply. This woman writes words from the very lips of God. I'm tempted to just slap up a smiley face on my blog and point you to hers everyday! So good.

And this post, Shelter is Not a Place written more than 3 years ago, helped me define the kind of parent I want to be. It's a thought-provoking, timeless post that Shannon pointed me to.

I've got in-laws in town and pie to eat, so I'm starting my weekend early. (Don't be too jealous-I also had a Cortisone injection in the neck this morning and two i.v's! I need sweets and pampering.)

Don't worry my little pretties, I'll throw up a fun fall DIY project sometime tomorrow. It's ready to go, but it will take some energy to hit the publish button. I'm sooo weak [said in a frail, feel-sorry-for-me voice].

Happy early weekend, y'all.

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