DIYP-Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Have y'all seen the artificial, carve-able pumpkins?

They look so real:

I waited until they were 50% off and bought three.

I saw this really cute idea on the DIY network: a lighted pumpkin topiary.

There are even tools to carve the fake pumpkins. My arms got their first work out in quite awhile opening up these babies:

I traced and cut leaf shapes in one:

To make 'stars', I drilled holes with a drill [insert manly grunt here]:

I cut a hole in each pumpkin at the bottom and the top (except for the smallest one on top). I then ran a strand of mini lights, hanging them on little cup hooks I lightly screwed into the foam pumpkin skin. 

Gluing the pumpkins together was tricky. Hot glue ended up being the best. I finally found a use for an urn I bought nearly a year ago (80% off)!

I love it, especially at night!

Now tell me you don't love it! 

Click here for more detailed instructions.

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