When I thought we were moving to another town, I thought day-and-night about the missing.

I'm in my 15th year of marriage and it's this town, this house, where roots have grown.

Besides family and familiar, it's girlfriends I'd miss the most:  women who've captured my heart by making my normal feel okay.

To celebrate my staying and just being, the girls came over to dip berries in chocolate.

These friendships forged, some new, some old, all needed. I introduced some, happy to be the common denominator.

And we indulged.

We licked our fingers, breaking beautiful cookies from my baker-neighbor. Talking while eating messy foods with our hands, catching chocolate drops.

We curled our feet under us, talking, laughing, sharing, encouraging.

Trading stories, comparing kids and reveling in the beautiful sound that comes from friendship.

The clock struck midnight.

As we shared the bond of sister-friends.

And my heart smiled.

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Lori said...

What are some of the other things you dipped in the chocolate? Did I spy some pretzel sticks? I might have to copy this idea!

Great post! :) Friends are such a blessing.

Mum in Bloom said...

I fear having to move someday too. My husband's job brought us to this great little town, but the reality is, we'll probably be moved any time. I started a MOMS Club to meet other mom's and it's been wonderful. Our home is wherever our family will be, only importance is that we stay together... but I'll sure miss the girls if and when we do go :( Love your blog!

bridget {bake at 350} said...

What a fun get-together! I was thrilled to meet such a neat group of girls! Can't wait for round 2! :)

Lisa Anne said...

I think that is so great. I hope that in 10 years my neighbors and will be doing that exact same thing. I love anything dipped in chocolate. Bananas YUM!!

Michelle said...

That sounds so great! We are having a Halloween party and I forgot about busting out our chocolate fountain. It is always a big hit!

Thena said...

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Just something about it no matter the mood or occasion.

Amanda said...

what a fun night that was!! Im with Bridget- cant wait for round 2!!!! hmmmm wonder what kinda yummy cookie we get to eat this time?!?

Kacie said...

You are SO lucky to have those roots. I'm a missionary kid - the longest I've ever lived anywhere at one time is six years, and that was college. Before that, four years.

I long for those roots, for the stability of old friendships.

everyday mom of one said...

I would miss my girlfriends too they have made a huge difference in my life especially in the last couple of years after having Little One.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Were those cookies the work of your bloggin and bakin neighbor?


We are THAT Family said...

For the chocolate fountain, we dipped strawberries, bananas, pretzel sticks and marshmallows- YUM!

Yes, my baking neighbor (bake at 350) made those yummy cookies :D

Nikki said...

You are blessed!
We moved 5 times in 4 years and 4 months.
I am praying we can stay here for many, many years.
I don't know what roots are yet:)

marriedtothefarm said...

Oh, this looks like a great idea! We still have a fountain like that from our wedding. I'll have to get it out sometime soon...mmm!

Ann Marie said...

What a lovely Sister Party! You are a great writer and such fun to read!

I'm very impressed ya'll made it to midnight!! We were yawning at 10 o'clock! :)

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

This looks so fun! I bet you have no idea how many of us wish we could have been there.

You are so wonderful to me. It gives me the happiest face to think of the midnight company, all the mamas realizing the next day's going to sneak up way too soon.

Thank you for doing this, and YAY for VIVA paper towels. I promise to buy a roll next time I go to the store.

mandiegirl said...

Yum! :) Love girl parties!

Sidnie said...

Looks like a YUMMY night!!
I love fondue- especially when its chocolate!