WFMW-Dry Erase Boards

I love dry erase boards.

I love the dryness. The erasability.

Our family calendar is in our kitchen and it's really just a fancy dry erase board. (You can see the one I bought off Etsy). I love keeping our weekly activities on a master calendar that's in a central location and user-friendly!

We have another large dry erase board near the stairs. I keep our morning routine on there. I also jot down chores my kids need to do. It's a great place to remind the family what's going on during the week, reminders for the grocery store, a scripture or just a big "I heart you!"

My older kids have a dry erase board in their rooms. They write notes, homework projects and silly stuff. I like to leave them notes and reminders too.

Dry erase boards work for me!

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