DIYP-Trash to Treasure

This is how my beautiful DaySpring pitcher I ordered for a gift arrived by FedEx the other day:

Broken. Imperfect.

I emailed my (in)courage friend and asked if she could arrange for another to be sent to me. She said yes! and replied, "I can't wait to see what kind of do-it-yourself project you come up with using the broken one."

Of course I already had great plans for it because I'm that creative!

But first I had to dig it from the trash can outside and remove 1,506 blades of grass my hubby had just dumped on top of it.

So, even though the trash to treasure idea wasn't mine, I was excited about the possibilities!

I decided to make my first mosaic.

I placed the pitcher in a pillowcase and used a hammer to break it into small pieces:

I bought a $1 patio paver and laid out the broken tiles:

I used a waterproof, non-toxic glue to adhere the pieces to the paver:

Next, the fun part: grout. I bought a small bag at a craft store and mixed the powder with water (I've never done this before so I just winged it)! I smoothed the compound on top of the tiles with a good kitchen spatula:

And wiped away the excess with a sponge:

I let it dry overnight:

I put it in my front flower bed so I can see it everyday.

It's a good reminder that useless and broken things can be changed into something good!

Just like me.

Visit Kimba's for more inspiration.

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