I Could Almost Hear the Heavenly Choir

Today, I have a post up at the Internet Cafe. You can read it here.


marky said...

Great Story.. and what an awesome way to welcome campers!!
Did you look around and wonder who they were shouting for or what they were shouting at? It surely would have caught me off guard.

LifeatTheCircus said...

Great story! You are so right... we often do forget what our King is doing to prepare for us. How thankful I am that He is preparing a place for me. And you really should being getting paid for your positive promotion of Family Camp... I am convinced it is one of the best places on earth... we got our gift box from them on Friday and my kids were loving the boomer...aka boomerang and the praise CD was most welcome on Friday afternoon!!

Kimbrah said...

Maybe its because i am pregnant, but I have tears in my eyes.

Thank you so much for that reminder Kristen. It reminds me of the Switchfoot song from the Prince Caspian movie, "This is Home". I so loved your post. Thank you so much for sharing it and helping me to get my focus back in the right place. :)

I am Boymom said...

What a wonderful reception! And what a wonderful example of pure, unadulterated service. I can only imagine what the welcoming committee in Heaven will be like!

kris said...

read it there before I saw you mention it here.. I recognized you right away! Have a blessed Sunday!

mamajil said...

What a great post!!!! I really enjoyed it!
Have a great week