DIFO Project #2

I am really excited about our new do-it-for-others project: Making awards for Sunday School children in African villages!!

(This was planned before I knew I was going to Kenya with Compassion Bloggers in March!)

This is a simple project that requires cutting, gluing and copying African words on paper. ANYONE can do it! There are very specific instructions though.

Instructions for Bible awards:
Ask your friends, family & church to save their used greeting cards. From the card fronts cut out basic shapes – hearts, stars, circles, etc. from the templates we provide. ONE SHAPE PER CARD (should take up most of the card, so when you copy them, enlarge them too).

My mother-in-law handed me a pile of Christmas cards she had saved for the grandkids to play with. I eagerly snatched them up! (If you don't have used greeting cards, you could also make this project from scrapbook card stock).

We also provide Bible verses or slogans in African languages, make copies then cut each verse out with fancy scissors if available, otherwise regular scissors are fine.

Paste a Bible verse or slogan on the front (picture side) of each cut out. It does not matter what is on the back, most kids hang them on the wall.

The Africa Shaped Awards- When making the Africa Shaped award it is important that they be made only from white or solid color, picture free cards or cardstock. You can trace Africa shapes onto white or plain card backs — it is okay for the back of the award to have pictures or writing, but the front, where you will glue the slogan, should be plain. Only use the slogan “Pray for the children of Africa” for this award.

Finishing the Project: Punch a hole in the top, thread a short piece of embroidery floss through, and tie.

Send whatever you can complete to me and I will pack like shapes in groups of 50. I will put each group in a small plastic bag such as what the newspaper carriers use.

Shapes are used as awards to encourage African Sunday school children!
Please email me ( for my P.O. box.

Project Deadline is March 1st.

We are working in conjunction with:
Every Child Ministries
25 years going the distance
"for the forgotten children of Africa"

Please ONLY leave a comment if you think you're going to contribute to this worthy project!


Thena said...

Awesome idea!!! And so simple, that can include the kids. Please count me in.

Michelle said...

I can do this- even with a baby coming this month. Is there a certain size they should be? Oh and is it the same p.o. box that I sent the blankets to?

Anonymous said...
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Surviving the Smiths said...

Yes - I know this is something I can get the kids involved in!

Diluted Applejuice said...

What a great idea. So simple that there's no excuse NOT to do it. So simple I can get my baby sisters to do some. And my classes to do some. So cool.

I have annoying questions. But you love me. So bear (bare?) with me.

I'm assuming your instructions are so specific because they're going to a specific place/person/organization. Can I ask what that is? Or is it to Kenya with you? I guess I just want to know where they're going.

And I'm so doing some.

Kristen said...

Hi Diluted Applejuice,

Thank you for asking! I totally meant to include that in the post and will add it, but here's the organization that we're working with:
Every Child Ministries
25 years going the distance
"for the forgotten children of Africa"

Amy said...

Count us in!

Jennifer said...

What a neat idea! My kids and I would love to participate!

Kristen said...

There isn't a exact size listed, so I'm assuming it's just the size of a card or no bigger. Also, yes, please send it to the same address. Thanks so much!

Alison said...

What a sweet thing to do!

Jennifer said...

This is something I can totally do with my four year old! The blankets were a little hard for her. This is perfect for her! I can't wait to make these with her! Thanks for putting ideas on here every month of things I can make with my daughter for charity. I love getting her involved.

The Fifth Street Mama said...

OK I think I can do this. Count me in!

Chrisgelica said...

This is so cool! My husband and I are going to start having Bible studies with my nieces in a couple weeks and this would be a great project to do with them. I would be able to send some at the end of February, I will email you for the P.O. box.

julie said...

Yea! So excited about this one! It will be like "lovin" on those sewwt kiddos in Africa, while waiting on ours to come home! We're in!

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

You can definitely count me in! And I've just sent a note to the school to see if my kids' classes can also make cards/ awards, too. :) Thanks for this easy way to help!

Grandmother Wren said...

We'd love to join in -
this is a nice opportunity for our granddaughter to have fun crafting and then enjoy sharing with other children.
Thank you Kristen!


mamadurf said...

I've got a little stack. Just now read the part about hole punching and tying the string so I'll have to get some of that embroidery floss. durfeecc at gmail dot com