You Have Arrived

Well. My hubby got his birthday wish earlier this week: a Global Positioning Satellite.

I think most people call it a GPS. But we aren't most people. 

I like the way global positioning satellite just rolls off the tongue. Don't you? 

My hubby hooked it up and we took a family drive to the mall. Of course, he put in the mall's address, so the woman in the box could tell him where to go. Because clearly, he doesn't get enough of my bossiness.

I'll tell you one thing: that lady has an attitude and apparently an outdated map.

She led us straight to a large body of water.

I gloated.

And then I offered to the family: "I think we should name her."

We ran down a list of every conceivable name and narrowed it down to two:


I suggested Delilah.

What else can you name a sultry-voiced woman who led my man astray?

Delilah led us back home and confidently stated, "You have arrived."

You bet we have.

Y'all have a happy weekend. We have big plans for our positioning satellite (i.e. WalMart)!

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