WFMW:Sock It to Me

I've been fighting the lost sock war most of my adult life.

It's been ugly. The casualties have been many.

Over a year ago, I discovered a helpful tip right here on Works For Me Wednesday from the greatest tip- giver, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. She wrote a beautiful post about her sock battles. I may have even cried.

She slew the mighty foe by storing all her socks downstairs in a drawer.  I've tweaked the tip to work for me and find it to be the most helpful organizational tip in my house! I have labeled baskets (with my kid's names) in my laundry room and the socks go straight from the dryer to the appropriate basket (see picture below):

And, brace yourself, I don't even match the pairs. 

(Of course, when I need to stop complaining in the house, I send my complainers to the sock basket [insert wicked laugh here]).

This has been so helpful in trying to leave the house quickly and amazingly, we don't lose socks any longer. 

Alrighty, enough about me. 

Except that I wanted to mention my sweet friend Amber of The Run a Muck (also known as the beautiful mother behind the Mother Letter Project) has a lovely WFMW idea to step away from the web world and plan a sister party with real life friends. I need to do this more! You can read more here and see how you can participate (there are fun prizes too)!

a Sister Party

What works for you?

Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.}

Have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you'd like to share? I'd love for you to join us! Please note that the links will close at 9 pm CST tonight, in order to keep away the spammers!

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Hoosier Homemade said...

That's a great tip! Thanks for hosting another great WFMW!

Monica said...

What a great idea for socks!

I didn't put my topic in I wrote about Early Bird Shopping for groceries.

Raise Them Up said...

I love that idea! I wouldn't be able to sort out which socks belonged to which kid (some crazy mom bought them all the same kind of socks). But I could just put them all in one basket and consider myself done. :)

The Happy Housewife said...

Interesting, very interesting... I might have to consider the whole not matching up the pairs of socks thing...
With 18 feet, we have a lot of missing socks in our house.

Alisa said...

I hate folding socks and love the idea of the complainer having to do the job!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Ok, I am seriously pondering how to implement this one. It may work, even for us. :)

oh amanda said...

I have been thinking about doing this very thing. Now I totally am!

Mari said...

What will I do with all that extra time (that I'm not searching for socks)?

Mari said...

What will I do with all that extra time (that I'm not searching for socks)?

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I tried that sock tip and my husband hated it...darn it. Maybe he can be my new favorite sock matcher upper, eh? :)

My post is about a food movie that teaches us the truth about which fats are healthy - I'm weird that way, that kind of talk *always* "works for me"!

Thanks for hosting!

Mistress said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! I really do not like Laundry and this makes it a bit easier!!!! It can really teach the smaller kiddos something also!!!

Kara said...

What a GREAT idea! I may just have to try this.

Here's mine for this week:

Mistress said...

My post this week is about a Nursing Bra that is just a simple strappy sports Bra. It works for me!!!!

Peta said...

Hi I missed the Mr linky thing so here is mine for this week. It is about laundry also

Shanna said...

LOL! Socks have been on my mind for a while now. Someone posted a while back about how they always lose socks in the dryer. I never, really, lost socks and thought that it was weird to write a post about it. Then it seemed everyone was posting about it, so of course it was real. There really is a sock monster, really. And the kiddos bring them home from school because I hadn't lost socks until until the three of them started school!! They started this fall and my laundry duty has more than doubled! Going from Zero to Three in preschool/prek is crazy! Ok, so anyway. It's late, I've been sick, now I'm better and I'm trying to catch up. Sorry.

What do I do with my homeless socks? If I have any misfits at the end of laundry, they get tossed back into the dirty laundry basket! Lazy, OMGoodness YES!! Stress free, absolutely, without a doubt! Oh and the separate baskets is something I was thinking about doing just this week while I was trying to figure out how to keep all of our laundry sorted and put away timely. Anyway, sorry so long. :) Going to bed now...

se7en said...

Never lost a sock!!! i don't know what we have done to appease the sock monster, or make his visit so unpleasant that he doesn't bother to visit us... I do have a sock strategy - with 9 almost 10 of us one must!!! But no the sock monster does not visit us - hahaha he is visiting all of you instead!!!

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Oh crud. I didn't put my blog name or my name in my link - the cutting board link. I'm sorry!!!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Good sock idea! I only have 1 kid, so it isn't a problem right now. Sounds like a great time-saver too!

BusyMom said...

I don't fold socks either, but I buy only one kind of sock. So I simply put all of my son's socks in his sock drawer...sure, there are short and tall, but they are all the same. When it is time to put on socks, reach in pull out two socks and they match - Voila! For my daughter, same scoop, all the same. For me, all the same (although my work socks have varied as I lose pairs and can't find the exact same to replace them, but all of my white socks are the same). My husband - his socks I match...because his mom always did I guess.

Julie From Inmates said...

Sounds like that would work for me, too! By the way I triple love your header. Then when I came back a few minutes later, the picture changed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Such a great look!!! You have a beautiful family =)

JennyMac said...

So far...we are lucky on socks. Love the tips and the concept of WFMW!

Elena said...

I go one better - with five guys in the house (four of whom have size 9 to size 14 shoe sizes) I just dump all the clean socks in one basket, put in the downstairs hallway, and let them fight it out all week for socks. Takes me completely out of the middle!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

This is a great idea! We have lost so many socks as well!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

What am I missing? I don't see socks in your photo...just backpacks. I'm fortunate to have lost very few socks, but I do have a drawer where I keep the singles...if it's mate shows up, great! But I think there are a few that have been in there for years...

Jamie (Suddenly Stay @ Home) said...

Thanks for hosting! I have a tip today about how to water hanging plants without getting water everywhere. Hope you enjoy!

e-Mom said...

As always, thanks for hosting. Enjoy your day! :~D

e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons

Thena said...

I like that idea. Because for some reason I HATE to fold socks. Maybe it's because the washer always eats some of them. lol

Life is Good said...

breaking out the socks is the worst thing about fall... oh to live in a place that you can go barefoot all year...sigh...

Launa said...

LOL!! I have a "sock basket" too and an "evil laugh"!!! :) But mine is just a big laundry basket that all the socks without matches live....every once in a while I send a smart mouthed kid to go match them up! ;) But I LOVE this idea....might just have to use it!! Thanks!! :D

sunnymum said...

Thanks for the tip and for hosting!

Lisa Anne said...

I wouldn't know because the BF does all the laundry. Lucky me!

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Kristen, I adore you. Thank you for spreading the word. You always encourage.


Michelle said...

Great tip!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I may have to try this. I hate dealing with socks! That's why I love summer so much. Sandals all the way!

Julie From Inmates said...

Man, I just discovered that I put the wrong link in to Mr. Linky. I put Monday's post URL in the linky thing. I'm sorry. I hope you can look over my nonsense.

Sharon said...

Kristen--I hate to be a pest again, but since it take me so long to go through the many links I didn't catch this earlier.

Starting on Friday, it's opening the links in the same tab rather than opening a new tab, so I have to click back to get to your page again after reading someone's tip. :-( It makes it hard for me to read all the tips I want to. I don't think I did anything on my end, so I hope you can figure it out for me and anyone else that it bugs. ;-)

BTW--I LOVE reading you blog! And one of these day's I'll have my own tip to contribute to WFMW.