The Bitter & The Sweet

To taste bitter is distressing to the mind. It is peculiarly acidic and distasteful to the tongue.

To taste sweet is pleasing to the mind and feelings. It is delightful to the tongue.

Bitter and sweet are antonyms. Opposites. 

Unless they meld together to form the bittersweet.

Bittersweet is pleasure alloyed with pain.

Bittersweet is my today.

We are NOT moving.

I am tasting the sweetness of staying near my dear family and loving friends for awhile longer, the sweetness of sameness and stability. The endearing sweet taste of comfort.

I am tasting the bitterness of an adventure I won't take, the excitement of something new and different that I won't experience, the bitter taste that comes with watching the man I stood by taste disappointment.

But that is life, isn't it? Days of pleasure peppered with pain. Days of pain dotted with moments of pleasure.

And I embrace both.

Because I believe God orders my steps. The baby ones that move me small paces and the giant leaps that take my breath away.

The steps that are both bitter and sweet.

*bitter, sweet as defined by the Dictionary

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