DIYP-Painted Plates

I found three unpainted wooden plates on the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby earlier this summer for around $2 each. (I can't remember the original price, but I know I saved a pretty penny). 

Which is the best kind.

I really didn't have a plan for the plates, but on an especially long summer day last week, I drug them out and asked my kids to paint them.


And suddenly the sun was shining brighter.

I used my can of chalkboard paint that keeps on giving (seriously, I've had the quart for 3 years!) and painted the inside of the plates.

I bought plate hangers from WalMart for $1-ish each.

I decided to hang them in my kitchen above the window sink.  I wrote the three letters that are very close to my heart: E-A-T

And I love them!

My friend at The Eck Life suggested I put "J-O-Y" on them during the holidays!

What other three letter words would work?

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