Chasing What Matters

It's easy to be like everyone else.

I find the world I live in is constantly striving for more, More, MORE.

There is never enough. My house could be bigger. My car could be newer. My bank account could be fuller. My life could be better.

My blog could be bigger. I could have more readers, more offers, more, More, MORE.

I want more than what I have.

It's hard to be like no one else.

I want to chase what matters (The theme of our Family Camp).

It is enough.  

This goes against the very core of modern society. To stop and evaluate, to acknowledge, "I have enough. I don't need more."

When I focus on the blessings in my life, I can see what I need to chase more clearly.

What matters to me:
my soul. my hubby. my marriage. my kids. my family. my friends. my attitude. my effort. my effect on others. my home's atmosphere. my.....

What matters to you?

Food for the Soul:
Matthew 6:19-21

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