The Bad Guys

We went and saw Bibleman in a live show the other night at our church.

Bibleman is a superhero who uses Scripture to defeat the bad guys.

Nearly every kid in the auditorium was dressed in a purple and yellow cape.

With a mask.

But we never lower ourselves to the lure of commercialization.

Hardly ever.

My kids have been defeating bad guys with their light sabers and (their interpretation) of the Word of God all week. 

My toddler has a mask and some anonymity. 

After some deep thoughts, she asked her sister if Bibleman was bad.

"No," my daughter said. "Jesus lives in His heart, just like He lives in your heart."

My 2 year old thought about that for a minute and shook her head no.

"Who lives in your heart then?" my 9 year old asked her baby sister.

"The bad guys," my toddler said.

And so, that might explain this behavior.

My older kids have been trying to convince her to get saved all week.

She wants no part of it. Because she and the bad guys are living it up.

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