I Laugh Every Day

I'm not the giggly sort.

I don't guffaw, rarely cackle and snorting is unheard of.

But. I laugh. Every. Day.

How could I not?

I live with hilarious people. Oh, they aren't stand up comics. They don't even tell good jokes (I'm being honest here). They don't try to make me laugh.

They just live every day to the fullest, they aren't afraid to ask any question, they explore and make exciting! discoveries!

And, oh my word, they are funny.

My daughter decided that she is going to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

Fashion for mice is the newest fad:

I laughed until I cried the other day when my hubby and son were wrestling and my son gasped LOUDLY, stood up and grabbed his boyhood and said, "Dad, that wrestling move nearly got me in the TENDERS!"

The tenders. {hehe}

Or when my 3rd grade daughter told me about the boy in her class who visits the nurse at school every day (every! day!) He makes his scabs bleed (so! gross!) so he can get out of class. "And, Mom, he gets bitten (on! purpose!) by mosquitoes, just so he can have something to scratch!"


Or the two year old. Her latest trick? Hiding. She loves to hide. "Come fine, me Momma!!"

{Huge grin}

I laugh every day.

And sometimes because it just feels better than crying.


Icy said...

I love this post! AND it made me laugh (tenders) which is huge because I love to laugh and have to laugh! Thanks for the just real post. :)

ginger said...

"And sometimes because it just feels better than crying."
I love that SO MUCH!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I feel this way every day, just living life alongside my little gal the Tongginator. She makes me laugh... when I'm not sinking through the floorboards in embarrassment. Heh.

Carri said...

Love this post. You gave me a good chuckle. Kids say and do the darndest things.

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...
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Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Love this post and all your others! I always look forward to reading your posts everyday!

everydayMOM said...

I agree! My kids are just about the same ages as yours and they keep me laughing all the time! I am so bored if they are ever gone!

My son, 8, also hurt himself and starting talking about his "tenders". I was thinking WHERE did he come up with that description? It must just come naturally to boys!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Too funny. A great way to start the week. Thank you for sharing!

Patti said...

Laughter IS good medicine! What did we do for entertainment before we had kids? :-)

The Rambling Ewe said...

It's a good policy, because it's really true (imho) that he (or she) who laughs, lasts!

elizabeth said...

This post made me tear up! I was thinking I need to cut back on computer time, and I do - and will - but I can not give up certain Mommy bloggers! I just need the laugh/cry!!

Christie said...

great post, love reading what kids say!!

Debbie said...

The second mouse... the one in brown... especially looks like the mice in the Redwall books. Have you guys read those??? They are by Brian Jacques. My youngest son is hooked on them... he has read each one at least twice and had listened to most of them on audio also... all borrowed from the library. Oh we have all read them, except my dh and second oldest daughter, and they are good, but we are not as hooked as my youngest son. Oh we have seen the movies too. Episodes from the t.v. show that they put on DVD, we borrowed those from the library too..

anyway tell her to keep up the good work - she could become a costume designer for the movies some day!!!

Lynn said...

These are the moments that make it all worth it. Love this post.

Val said...

So precious!! Lovely post :)

Lori said...

I never realized that there was an untapped market of fashion design for mice until today! Now she will have started the trend and there will be a reality show competition for people who want to design for mice! (Just make sure she gets creator credits and a check to go with it!)

Angie said...

Makes my heart smile! :)

Don't Start None...There Won't be None said...

Too funny. My kids make me chuckle everyday too. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything!!

Robin said...

Thanks! I needed to laugh this morning. I need to look for the laughs in my own life.

Tina said...

YES!! :)

jillbarnett said...

I'm in my office (bad employee, I know) and literally just laughed out loud at the "tenders" comment. That is hilarious!!

Harmony said...

My boys use the word "Tenders" too, got it from Kung-Foo Panda. They are always saying and doing things to make me laugh too!

Cheryl said...

My boys, when they were little, had "nuggets" not "tenders"

TeriLynneU said...

Just what I needed today! Thank you for this beautiful reminder to celebrate life ...

Mommyto3K's said...

Laughter is truly the world's best medicine especially when it comes from your kids.

Huriya said...

so truee.. kids are the funniest creatures on earth. Thanks for reminding us to cherish them

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

sometimes you HAVE to laugh to keep from crying.

Just Breathe said...

Very funny! Love the hiding, it's like when you yell at a dog and they are too big to get under the bed so they just put their head under!

grannyann said...

Sounds like my grandson, he makes me laugh everyday. He is always saying something funny plus he is a clown anyway.

TCKK said...

Remember this verse. Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."

ms sandy said...

Because you laugh every day and share it with your readers - I, too, laugh along with you! [Also, because I became a fan of that very special little two year old during her 1st year of 'school'. . . :o) ]

Tammy said...

Me too! Working in the medical field can be SO sad and depressing, but we make it fun (not disrespectful) in the OR. But it's what keeps us from bawling our eyes out.

Charlotte said...

Thank you! An emotionally exhausting weekend leaves this mommy grumpy... I need to follow your example and look for ways to laugh and enjoy my little ones!

Anonymous said...