DIYP #32 Valentine's Ideas

Okay, prepare for the longest Valentine's Do It Yourself  Project post ever! Since it's just two short weeks away, I thought I'd cram a lot into one post.

I don't go overboard with Valentine's decor, but I do enjoy adding a few touches to my predominately red house.

I love sticking seasonal items under jars:

My versatile wire tree:

The best part of Valentine's is the candy! I love decorating with it too. 

I've found the best way to keep the kids out of the candy is to make sure it tastes like candles:

I saw a really cute idea at Christmas that I didn't have a chance to try. It was a wreath made from silver cookie cutters (the old fashioned kind). I found a large bag of plastic Valentine's Day cookie cutters and thought I'd give it a try. 

Since I was winging it here, I created a shape with the cookie cutters.

I tied them together with some small white ribbon I had:

A heart-shaped wreath may have been ambitious. I found that less is more, so that it will keep it's shape.

I added some wide ribbon and a bow and I'm pleased with my $5 Valentine's Day wreath:

I found these adorable Valentine's gift bags at Hobby Lobby (set of 10 for 1.99) and then they were an extra 30% off.  

I love old fashioned valentine's. I really only needed a couple of bags for some teacher gifts. I couldn't not use the others. 

5 ideas for re-purposing Valentine sacks:

Frame It 

This took 5 seconds with an old frame.

Dress up Dishes

I cut circles and pasted them into the center of the plates for a splash of red.

Make your own Valentine's Cards

I love homemade valentine's. I made this one for you. It says, "Do we click? Your my type."

Decoupage It

My daughter (who might be more crafty than me and I mean that in a positive way) wanted to decorate this green wreath I got at the Dollar Store for her teacher's door.

We just tore the paper into pieces and painted on Modge Podge with a paint brush. We're going to add a big red bow as soon as it dries!

Gift Bag

I used a leftover cookie cutter and tied it onto the bag. Cute, huh?


Amanda said...

Cuteness to the max! Love the candy candles! I will be stealing that idea just so you know.

The Un-Organized Mom said...

Ohh thanks for all the great ideas!!! That wreath is adorable!

cajungal01 said...

Yeah, I love the candy ideas too! Super cute. And I just HAVE to get my hands on one of those wire trees!
thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

wow. great ideas! i saw the christmas wreath made from the cookie cutters but never got around to it either... i love your valentines one. um, maybe i should look for halloween cookie cutters on clearance and start thinking about making one. :-)

beckyjomama said...

Great ideas ... cannot WAIT to try em!

marky said...

You are so creative! I still have my nutcrackers and snow men out.. I guess I need to get busy this week.. I love the cookie cutter wreath!

★ MamaKat ★ said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog & posts like this are why. :) Thanks!

Runningamuck said...

VERY cute! I love the cookie cutter wreath and the vintage valentine's bag creations. You've completely inspired me.

But now I have to wait until Feb 15 to raid the sales so that I can make these for next year.

Thanks for the ideas!!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I Love those bags, the pattern is adorable. Thanks for sharing so many ideas for using them.

Lorie said...

Ditto what runningamuck said. I love the idea of tying a cookie cutter to a bag full of cookies. I think my son & I will spend some time in the next 2 weeks making Valentine's cookies to give away.

Patois said...

Lots of great ideas. I love the Modge Podged wreath your daughter is making. I think I might be able to do that. Maybe. Maybe not. But I bet my kid could!

Blue Castle said...

Cute ideas! Love the cookie-cutter wreath especially. :)

JanMary said...

Great ideas.

Love your wire tree - I am looking for one like that, so I can use it year round.

Here in N Ireland Valentines Cards are only sent to spouses or someone you are dating or would like to date (if you are single). They are not sent by kids to everyone in the class etc which appears to happen in US.

By the way, my giveaway prize arrived - looks great. I will wait for my new kitchen before I choose the frame.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Cute ideas!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I LOVE the ideas! Thanks! We're having a birthday party at the house next Saturday and are doing a Valentine's theme, so I needed some decorating ideas!

Veronica said...

Very festive! Cute ideas.

MODman said...

You really should no leave out cookie cutters like that. Terrell might go into cookie convulsions.

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

I'm IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I LOVE everything about your valentines decor!!

Joanna said...

CUTE! I can't wait to try your ideas out! I was just telling my kids that we were making our own Valentine's this year for their classmates. You've given me some great inspiration!

Simply_Pam said...

Love the wreath, what a cute idea !

janie @ mommy has a blog... said...

I love all of these ideas! Where oh where did you get that wire tree!? Oh, I am in love.

Just say Julie said...

Such cute ideas. I bought some of the vintage scrap paper and have been staring it at afraid tp actually cut it. Now that I've seen the plates and wreath, I think I can finally use it :)

Jodee Leader said...

I love your Valentine's Day decorations! I also love to decorate with candy!