A Worthy Cause

Most of you have heard of The Mother Letter Project, an amazing Christmas present from a husband to a wife.

It's not my hubby.

Although he's sweet enough to do it.

My birthday and anniversary are this week and he's been sneaking around the house, making hushed phone calls and bank withdrawals.


If you haven't heard of this project, you must go check it out and write a letter.  And while your there, please read this post.  

The unknown hubby has a big heart for missions. And he encourages you to give. I do too.

He contacted me and asked if he could add The Persecuted Church to the list.

Um, yes.

Because y'all know how I feel about these people:

So, go visit

And give.

Even if it's just a dollar.  It's a dollar. It will make a difference.

Remember the greatest gift of Christmas was given to us.

Let's give to others.


Heather of the EO said...

I second that motion.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Kristen!! Praise God for another year on both!

Kindred spirits, yes we are ... my anniversary is Tuesday!!! and the stomach bug was happily squashed this week too! :)

Great post!

Tanya said...

Wait -- you've crammed all major events into one month too?? My birthday is this week and our anniversary is in two weeks. Ten years ago it seemed like a great idea to get married on January 2nd, but now it drives my husband crazy. All his gift-giving opportunities are piled into a couple short weeks.

I posted about great gifts too. Here's a link: