Why Yes, I am Giving Away Something Today!

I'm hosting a little giveaway.  Happy Monday, to ya!

But I'm going to make you work for it.

Y'all know by now, I have some serious home decor love in my heart. And, if you've been reading this blog '0 mine for awhile, you know I have a lot of signs in my home, featuring some of my favorite sayings.

I can't explain my affection for signage. Maybe it's the writer in me (I also adore the school supply aisle). (And sweet tea).  Or perhaps, it's the bossy Mama in me trying to save my voice. Who knows. 

The truth is, when I saw these three signs at Ross the other day, I grabbed them up so quick, I nearly tore a muscle. Oh, I kid not. Not only did they speak to me, they were cheap, people! 

And it also did not hurt that I recently saw some the very same signs at a pricey gift store.  They were $50 each.  Still. Not. Kidding.

So, you can imagine why I hyperventilated at the$6.99 price tag. I'm sure.

Now, personally, all three of these signs would be great in my home! If I had the wall space.

Just feast your peepers on these:

{This is how I want people to feel in my home}

{This is how people probably feel in my home}

{This is why I don't invite people to eat in my home very often}

Told ya.

So, here's how we're gonna play this little game. All three of these signs would be appropriate in my home.  (As well as a number of inappropriate sayings, but well, then that would be inappropriate.)  Anyhoo, leave me a comment with a saying that sums up your home by 10 p.m. (CST) Monday night.

I will choose the top six finalists and bring the vote to the people (that would be you. And you). The three sayings with the most votes will have get to choose one of these metal signs   So, leave a saying and check back tomorrow (Tuesday) to see if you're a finalist!


Blue Castle said...

This sums up my home:

Beware of the rabid dust bunnies!
DO NOT try to feed them!

I love the "Welcome to Camp Run-a-Muck" sign. That really sums up my house at the moment. But, I wish my house said "Relax and enjoy yourselves."

Seriously, $6.99? I would have torn a muscle too.

Great find!

mommagurl32 said...

My mom gave me a little sign that says, "My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!". Its only stays clean...oh never stays clean...nevermind.

Jeni said...

I once saw a (rather wordy) sign that said:

How many of them were there?
Which way were they going?
How fast were they going?
I must find them! I am their leader!


Amy said...

Ok so this isn't original but it cracks me up every time I think of it. The sign I would love to put up is:

We don't skinny dip
We chunky dunk

(No I would never be brave enough to actually put it up)

The camp run a muk sign is perfect for our house!!!!


Spooky said...

I LOVE the Camp Run A Muk sign, LOL!!

You can sum up my house with "The Lunatics have taken over the asylum"

Amber, that's me! said...

Okay, I think recently mine could best be described as: "Warning: Screaming Preschooler ahead!"

or... "don't mind the fingerprints on the walls, the one who makes them doesn't mind me!"

Thanks! Great blog!

Crysm said...

I know this is SO unoriginal but our sign would be "HELP he's farted and we can't get out!"

If you have read any of my recent Birthday Posts about my hubby then you already know he suffers from deadly bum gas.

Lauren said...

for the home I'll be moving into in Feb (yeaaa wedding!!) the sign would definitely read: "wife needed for: decorating, cleaning, and cooking." haha no really Fiance' tells me he NEEDS me ;)

Anonymous said...

"Around here, normal is just a setting on the washer."

Funny cause it's true!

Blessings, Whitney

jawanmcginnis said...

The sign that would hang in my kitchen to sum up our home would be:

"If you're hungry, stoop down and grab a crumb."

I like the "Welcome to Camp Run-a-Muk" sign.

Natalie said...

all of those signs are great!!!

I have a sign hanging in my kitchen that is pretty perfect for our house:

"If at first you don't succeed, trying doing it the way your wife told you."

Courtney said...

I would never hang this up...... but the way my child has been acting lately, I would say the sign for our house should be:

Real Live Birth Control

The four little penguins say: said...

Rugrat crossing! Look out for the damp spots.

Lisa said...

At my house, it would probably have to be, "Don't feed the teenagers; they bite!"

Claudia said...

Hi! Long time lurker here!!!!

My quote would be:
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."

I recently saw this in a book and it instantly clicked. That is us exactly. Things may not be perfectly clean, organized, or even functional, but together as a family we DO HAVE IT ALL!

The Glamorous Life said...

"This is what happy looks like"


"Wild children respond to bribes and guilt only"


"Real parenting is for sissies"


(my favorite actually-and was going to be a title of the book I wrote in my head, but forgot to back-up and my head recently crashed and I lost the whole mauscript)

"Motherhood: Nothing like the brochure"

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

With two one year olds in diapers, my sign would have to say "Olfactory Nerve Agents Present; Prepare for chemical warfare."

Joy said...

If Momma Ain't Happy Ain't NOBODY Happy!

An Autumn Child said...

My sign would say:

Somedays I need a pot of coffee before I can make a pot of coffee.

Very cute signs!

Nicole said...

Mine would be:

"I can only do 13 things at once. Take a number."

Tiff said...

Peace, Love, and Craziness

That's our family!

Lu said...

I love these signs! They are great. I think if we did one around here it would say "we do loud well."

marky said...

This is s self service kitchen

kick of your shoes and sit a spell

I love your signs.. We were at the beach this weekend, and I saw so many great signs. Of course I can't remember what any of them said lOL!

Kelly said...

Welcome to the zoo. Please SOMEONE feed the animals!

Love the signs! :-)

Gina said...

The quote that sums up my feeling on my house the best is:

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.

It's a Phyllis Diller quote, and it's so true when you have three small children!

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Kim H. said...

My motto would be:

I never have enough time to do it all - so don't judge my mess.

Thanks for hosting such a fun contest!

Jeanette said...

Around our house with all the raging hormones, I mean teenage girls. Our saying has become:

Hold that thought, blonde moment coming through!

For some reason our kids (one is a blonde) have more dah moments as they have grown up. Maybe it is the parents fault - Nah, couldn't be right?!

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

With 3 VERY active boys???? Welcome to Camp Run a muk ... sometimes I have to go hide in my closet :)

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Our sign would read ..

"Real people live here!"

Cute on the outside, chaotic on the inside.

mommagurl32 said...

I just thought of another one that is quite cheesy, " We childproofed our house but they still get in!".

gina said...

My saying would be somthing my oldest daughter said to me the other day (and I quote)

Mom- how many times can you get away with saying I am losing my mind before you must admit that you lost it.

She's 14. You remember 14, right?

debbie d. said...

"the boys?"=my two very rascally dogs...

The boys are in charge tonight!
We're stealing loafs of bread off the counter, shredding newspaper, and dribbling water from our bowl all over the house.
Want to join the fun?
Come on in!

followed by the:
Gas contest tonight!
See judges sprawled out on couch.

Dallimomma said...

In honor of all the "treasures" my husband saves, I would put a sign near my front door that says,

"Hey, you never know, we might need it someday."

That would not only explain the condition of my home but it would also get me off the hook for cleaning up before company comes.

Anonymous said...

My sign would be,

"Home to the world's finest 'uncleaning' crew!"

As soon as I clean, the little leopards have torn the place apart, oh my, why do I even try?!?

Ashley @ said...

This is such a fun idea! There are so many good submissions already! In our house it would be...

"Don't put that there....Mom's a control freak"

I have "letting go" issues :) I have to learn to pick my battles a little better.

Shannon said...

The one that I loved from the moment I heard it was...

"You can't scare me, I have a two year old"

Or in my case,

"You can't scare me, I have a four year old, a two year old and a one year old"

The Southern Family said...

What a fun contest! Here are a couple from us...

--Oh, I'm sorry. You must be confusing me with the maid we don't have.

--What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I have the "I have a kitchen because it came with the house" sign, which pretty much sums up my domestic skills. As for the rabid, wild, hooligan children, any kind of warning sign would be appropriate. . .

Patois said...

"Welcome to the Monkey House." It sums us up completely.

Peoples Family said...

If I could make a sign that would save me from saying the same phrases over and over I'd go with "Get off of your brother" or "Get that out of your mouth!"

MommaJen said...

sign that should hang in our house:

Children can teach you all kinds of things, especially how much patience you have.

Anonymous said...

I used to have this written on our kitchen chalkboard: "I love to cook with wine...sometimes I even put it in the recipe!"

aggiemomof2 said...

BEWARE the wild children!

Bina said...

"We don't fear insanity, we enjoy every minute of it".

Yea, cause that is SO my house right now.

Sarah said...

I gave you an award, and put your tree on my blog. Hope that is ok. Hope you like the award also.

Stacia said...

Great contest!


(next door)

langston 6 at

Shannon said...

Just inside my front door is a sign that used to be in my garden, back when I had a garden... and a yard.

It is from the National Wildlife Federation certifying my yard as an official Backyard WIldlife Habitat. Part of the sign reads:
"This property provides the 4 basic elements needed for wildlife to thrive: food, water, cover, and places to raise young. "

Some days (like today) I think it should read "provides the four basic, water, cover, and a place to hide from the young.

Ally said...

My sign would be:

They come, They Eat, They Leave!

Cute signs love them all. Ally

Crayl said...

SO many fabulous family sayings!

I would like one that says:

Wherever you're from,
Wherever you roam,
If we are friends
Consider this home.

My goal is always to have people feel totally relaxed in my home, comfortable, kick your shoes off take a nap comfy.

(LOVE the relax sign you bought)

Ami said...

"Yes, they're all MINE!"

"Welcome to Camp Run a Muk" would have a perfect spot in our gameroom!

The Tulip Lady said...

Our Home:
The Front Door
The Refrigerator
The Heart...

Always Open!

Takin' time to smell the flowers! said...

Home is where the dust, dog hair, dirty dishes, laundry and love is.

April said...

Great signs

and lots of great ideas for more signs LOL

My sign would be

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Edgar Allen Poe


Courtney said...

Welcome to our home. We specialize in dirty faces, dirty dishes and dirty clothes."

Mama Smurf said...

My all time favorite saying...."Picking up after children is like shoveling while it's still snowing"

Nessa said...

I love all of these and they fit our home perfectly!

Jesus and Germs are Everywhere, So Say Your Prayers and Wash Your Hands!

Pray More, Stress Less

Faith Makes Things Possible, Not Easy


The best things in life aren't things

Sit Long, Talk Much

I love all the signs you found! You got a great deal!

D... said...

I love sign-age too! Instead of buying them, I just take a picture instead. lol

Someone already said what sums up my house: My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it. But, another saying for our house could be: Welcome to the Jungle.

Anonymous said...

It would either be:

Welcome to the DewDrop Inn


Blessed with an abundance of good friends and an inability to say no to a good party.

My grandma had a sign in her kitchen that said: Good bread, good meat, good gosh, let's eat! And there was always some fine eatin' going on in her kitchen.

Shane said...

My sign would have to read: Forget the dog...
Beware of the kids!

Trish said...

Welcome to our yourself to some of our chaos!

Jenn said...

Happy- Homeschooling- Hillbillies!

Jill said...

"Normal is just a setting on the dryer."

M Shriver said...

We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.

Icedream said...

My mother gave me a sign I enjoy. It says "I live in my own little world, but's it ok they know me there." Think she was trying to tell me something?

I love all the sign you found, any of them would fit.

Julia said...

Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life

Jerralea said...

I know this was on a commercial, but I love it:

"It feels good to be home."

And it does!

Amanda said...

Forget the dog.
Beware of the kids.

I saw that one the other day and decided that it fit us completely.

jenny said...

welcome to camp runamuck lol thats cute well please enter me in thanks

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

We need a sign around here that says:
"Fuzz is not food"

It is all encompassing...

From the 10 month old with the clumps of dog hair in her mouth to the fridge with the "just a little" too old bread residing inside.

Fun! Thanks!

Tammy said...

I think mine would say,

Now I know what my momma meant by 'pigsty'

Anonymous said...

mine would be:

take off your shoes and you know where the fridge is!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Oh! I just figured out the motto for our home.

It's not original; I saw a button with a silhouette of two canoers. On it is written...

"Paddle Faster. I Hear Banjos."

Out here in rural Georgia, on our dirt road and wooded property full of deer, snakes, and ticks, that sign is totally perfect.

Just Keeping it Real said...

I have so many....and love the signs GOOD JOB!
Here they are:

Grow your own dope, plant a man.

If you came to see me/us come on in, if you came to see the house make an appointment.

I clean my house every other day...this is not the other day.

Maren said...

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I like "At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable."
-- Mark V. Olsen and Will Sheffer


“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” -Dr. Seuss

Anonymous said...

I know I am too late for the giveaway We had ball practice and did not get home until late so I am just reading your blog this morning...I have a sign in my foyer and this is what it says
" Welcome to the Zoo" and I have a 16 year old daughter, a 13 year old son, A 5year old lazy fat cat and a husband of almost 20 years. So the joke in my house is welcome to the zoo...It is very appropriate I hope you have a great week!
Kelly Bryan

Alice said...

Love the contest.
O.K. I can't believe I am quoting Homer (Simpson) but this sums up my family to a T!!!!

"Remember, as far as anyone knows,we're a normal family."

Camp-run-a muck. Great sign!!

judybrittle said...

Mines a welcome sign. I like to have others feel welcomed

Make yourself at home... clean my kitchen.
judybrittle at aol dot come