DIYP#19-Fall Flag Pennant

The family and I did a couple of really fun fall Do It Yourself Projects last weekend.  You could call it a weekend DIYP if you wanted to.

Have you seen the adorable fall pennants? They are also called buntings or banners. I call them cute.  And I found some easy instructions in this month's issue of Woman's World.

And get this, it's a NO SEW project! Yippee!

Here's what theirs looks like:
Pennant Bunting

Adorable, huh? It would look especially lovely on the porch of my dreams.

I decided to make one a little-less Halloweeny and more Fallish.  (I'm all about creating new words today).

Here's ours:
The article above gives you the step by step instructions that I followed to make this NO-SEW, super easy bunting. But I'm providing you with fuzzy, pathetic pictures from my iPhone. 

Because I care (and because the battery on my camera needed to charge).

Step 1: Buy fabric, bias tape and stitch witchery.  I bought 1/3 yard of several fallish fabrics and spent a whopping $5.50!

Step 2: I made myself a little pennant pattern and pinned it to the fabric I doubled up. 

Step 3: I used pinking sheers to cut the triangles, so the fabric wouldn't unravel.

Step 4: I put the fabric in between the bias tape I ironed in half and stitch witchery. The stitch witchery adheres the fabric to the white bias tape when you iron it.  So, in the folds of the bias tape (that you've ironed in half) you layer stitch witchery, triangle fabric, stitch witchery.  

Step 5: And then I wrestled my hubby into helping me iron it.  My kids pulled the backing paper off the stitch witchery and set out the pattern of triangles.

I love the bunting on my stairwell! The total project cost less than $15!  Just think of how cute birthday banners would be with felt letters spelling out a name or Christmas pennants or Columbus Day!  Okay, maybe not Columbus Day...

The other day, in one of my parenting posts, I mentioned our Blessing Box, where we jot down all the blessings that come our way and then read them at Thanksgiving.

I bought some Thanksgiving stickers at Hobby Lobby and a small white cardboard box for .99 cents.
The inside of ours has a place to write, "I am thankful for..."

My kids have already added a couple of notes to the box.

I put one in that said, "I am so thankful for electricity after Hurricane Ike."

But I'm feeling mighty grateful today.  So, I think I'll add another. 

It will say, "sweet tea."

For more DIY projects, please visit Kimba!


Carolina Mama said...

Here's mine - glad I found That Family this year! ;)

The Glamorous Life said...

would be great for spring or birthdays or just to celebrate electricity after a huricanne. Seems like a great reason!

Anonymous said...

Terrific project! I love that it's fallish. I've been looking for creative ways to decorate for the season that aren't really Halloweeny.

It's not like I think because I'm Christian I can't be festive, but I'm not all about the ghosts & gloom... and I'm downright afraid of spiders and rodents. I mean really. :o) LOL.

Blessings, Whitney

milissa said...

I LOVE the Blessings box. A friend of mine does something similiar but it's the Disguised Blessings box. They keep track of all the things they hoped for but didn't turn out...and then later something better came along. Like, "I'm so glad company x didn't offer me a job because I found a much better job with company y..." or "I'm so glad I wasn't able to go to that concert because if I was there I would've missed the birth of Friend's baby boy." Or Whatever. Anyways, either idea...really cool. :)

Sarah said...

Wow! I love the diyp! Might have to try that this weekend! The blessing box is a really good idea too! It reminds me of what I did at my daughters first birthday party. I had everyone write something they remembered about her first year or a wish they had for her and then put it in a mini scrapbook.

Valarie said...

Really cute banner and I love the blessings box. Great idea!

P.S. He loves you... said...

You guys rock!

Have a great weekend! :D

P.S. He loves you... said...

You guys rock!

Have a great weekend! :D

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That is really cute! And that blessings box is so neat.

Lisa J said...

Your box will be full before long with so many thoughtful people in your house. Have a great weekend and again, thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas.

Manager Mom said...

Those are really cute pennants.

Mandi said...

The fabric you used is so festive, I love it!
And I LOVE the blessings box idea! Just jotted down a note so I'll remember it later! I'd love to do it! My boys are 2 and 4, but they still understand being thankful! Never too young!

Bahama Shores Mama said...

Thank You! I've been making banners for a few months now and I never thought to use stitch witchery! That makes the whole thing so much more simple. I was pinning it and sewing each pendant. Duh!!!!

Tammy said...

That is so cute...but I think you lost me somewhere around the stich witchery?! :-)

Carolina Mama said...

Okay, am out on a limb here. Just posted my before DIYP ;) Scared of that. I'll be calling you if it doesn't come out like a really nice 'after' project.

You know what would we do with a DDIYP. (don't do it yourself project?!) ;)

Tiff said...

Love both projects. I saw the bunting idea in the magazine too. It looks really simple! I might have to try it and hang it up on the porch of your dreams!! LOL.

Traci said...

That is sooooo cute....I think I might tackle that project. I've been looking at the paper ones....I think I like fabric much better. Thanks!!!!

gina said...

Why not Columbus Day? I'm loving the idea of a red, white , and green banner- said the Italian Mama. ;)

I have been loving those for a few weeks now (seems I am seeing them everywhere).Thanks for the how to- it sounds easy enough to inspire me! And I love the idea of a blessing box- I am getting started on this one today!

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is impressive. If you're not careful, you'll be known as That Mom who crafts like Martha Stewart.

Okay, I think I might have to go copy that blessing box. It's too good to ignore.

PS- I got the other Tim Kimmel book. Excellent reading last night in the tub!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yet another project I may have to copy! So cute!

jenjen said...

Very cute project, And I love that it is no sew! Thanks so much!


Rose :: FineCraftGuild dotcom said...

I have a similar sort of box, but I like your 'count a blessings' as a notice board or book cover design also.

it is very good.

(and you've done well with that 'cute', i mean 'bunting'