Update to My *Update*

1.  Many of you have asked about my recovery from my little medical procedure.  Well.  It's gone well.  So well, that I've been hankering for another procedure.  Because all that attention was nice. Oh, I jest. I'll know in a few weeks if the little job worked.  If it did, well, you will get entirely too many details.  Promise.  

2. I got to take a bath today for the first time in two weeks since the procedure.  Can we just have a moment of silence? My daughter was worried about me, because we all know, taking a shower is second-best.  I'm just saying.

3. Got half of the parenting books in the mail.  Started one on audio for the car line.  It's giving me some perspective, 'like hey, we're doing okay.'  I've read 3 pages of another and it made me feel, 'like hey, we're not doing okay.'  Maybe I should read one at a time.

4.  My son is officially 6!  And I'm glad that I don't have to plan another party until December!

We hit the bull'e eye with the Nerf Birthday party! 


It was a lot of fun and who knew we could make camo look so stylish?

5.  I shared this photo with you earlier this week in my pesky squirrel post.  Recap:  The squirrels were running amuck, scaring off the birds, trampling my flowers and dumping the


seed into my little garden.

In my pesky squirrel *update*, I told you I had come up with a solution to the squirrels trampling my flowers.

That's going well.

But I am disturbed about a new problem.  Shocking, I know.

Today, when I went outside to water my flowers, this is what I saw:

Is it just me, or is it ironic that I cannot keep my flowers alive, but I can grow quite the birdseed crop?


marky said...

Very Fashionable in Camo Indeed!
Great updates, Inquiring minds want to know!

Lisa J said...

When I had the procedure done, it was the best decision I had made in a long time. I hope you will be as pleased. The birdseed crop? Well at least it is green and pretty, even if it is not flowers. Don't you just "love" those squirrels. I am up to seven in my backyard. Started with just two or three, but since I have been FEEDING them, the word has spread around the neighborhood.

Shannon said...

I switched to black sunflower seeds in the bird feeder one year and moved the feeder to a far corner of the yard on a shepherd's crook. I just let the seeds spout where they fell. I had a nice display of sunflowers at the end of the summer. Of course come winter I moved the feeder in close to the house so I could watch the birds from inside and in the spring all those spilled seeds sprouted. Sunflowers are a lot easier to pull than all that grassy stuff.
Glad you are feeling better after you procedure. Enjoy the bath!

Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

I am totally in love with your bulls-eye cupcakes!

Valarie said...

Those cupcakes were to cute!!

The new crop concerns me, I put a new bird feeder in the middle of my flower garden. I think I am gonna have a problem in the weed area. :(

THopgood said...

Love the nerf birthday idea. Wish I had read this 3 years ago so I coulda used the idea.

myra said...

so glad to hear you did well with your procedure, and that the party was a smash! i would love for you to post more about those books you ordered (or did i miss that one?)...

Happy Mommy said...

The bird seed left overs mess up my landscaping as well!

Kelsey Smith said...

What cute cupcakes! Happy Birthday!

Mandy said...

Glad your recovery is going well, cool cupcakes, and great birdseed crops!

Faerie Mom said...

Thanks for the updates! Love the camo pic... you all look so happy!

The word "procedure" makes me gag. Sorry. I had to share.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog!! Found you through from Fro Mama Krissy. :) I'm in love with her blog as well. Come visit me at One Wired Woman. We're having a swell time over there too! :) ~Jill

Annalee Blysse said...

Everything on the Internet is 6 clicks away... This morning I was at and then I just saw BlogHer on your sidebar here and that site brought me right back to GlobalGiving. Nice blog here.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Hope you had a happy Mommyfest thanks for stopping by my Blog! Stop by tomorrow for Musical Monday!

The Fritz Facts said...

I never thought of a Nerf party...filing that away for next year.

So glad that his birthday went well, but more importantly that you got to take a Bath!! woohoo!!

Colleen said...

Glad to hear you're doing well and the son's bday party went off without a hitch. Sounds like it was a pretty "boy-ish" time!

Make sure you stop by my blog again and enter my contest this week!
Mommy Always Wins

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

Glad you're doing better. And yes, I totally agree, a bath trumps the shower every time.

lori said...

A week of catching up!! WOW...the goings on!! Glad to know that you are on the mend....and the CAMO is a fashion statement!! LOVE that look!!

I had to laugh at THE SON...Having only ONE myself as a caboose to 2 girls...he likes pink too and the DORA blanket...that went the way of charity just this year....
I do think that these guys will be "chick magnets' just because they GET girls....and they are NICE to girls!! (they know better!!)

What a BLAST that party must have been!!!
and I'm with long as he snuggles as he passes me up on the height chart...I'll be just fine!!!


Dawn said...

You've had quite a successful week:

You conquored the squirrels.

Through a successful party.

Took a bath! (Nothing like a good soak in the bath to make you feel like a new woman!!)

Regarding the books, take them with a grain of salt - suggestions. Only YOU will know what works best for your kids, for you and for your family. Ask God for discernment. And most of all, trust that little "voice" that He gives all mommies. That is why, afterall, He gave it to us.

Blessings! Dawn

Dawn said...

Oops... that would be "threw" a successful party!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

The cupcakes are SOOOOO cute! I tell you what they are precious.

I'm starting Wish I was with Mickey Monday tomorrow. Hope you'll consider playing along some time. :)

Glad you're recovering well.

P.S. He loves you... said...

Your quite the clever girl!

However I'm more curious as to the nature of your "procedure"...did you have implants...butt job?
Tummy tuck?
WHAT was it?
Are you going to try for another "that family kid"...I so don't like not knowing...?!

The Party is one I will store in my borrow "that" good idea!
And as for the kids;squirl; and grass problems well "it's for the birds"...drink some of "that" tea and go on because I think your "ALL THAT" !

Bless you blogsphere sista!

Christie O. said...

That's a fabulous birthday idea! Love the cupcakes!!

Too funny about the squirrels. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life. (Of course it might be a different story if I took the time out to water them.)

Liza's Eyeview said...

I love that those birthday party photos!

We're planning a Fathers day get together with some friends and talking about "Nerf war" party - yahooo! Yes, everyone -moms, dads, kids,( even out cats and dogs of they want to :) )

insane mama said...

Birdseed is the easiest thingin the WORLD to grow. Your daughter was worried? That is so sweet

Bina said...

Ya know, I swear I wondered if those seeds would sprout or not. I actually buy seeds to sprout for my pet birds and they LOVE them! Have you seen birds eating the sprouts yet???

Jessica said...

You guys look awesome in your camo. I nerf party sounds so fun. I'll try to remember that when Baby Bum is old enough.

I think bird seed would grow on asphalt if laid there. It is hardy.

Gotta GROW with it said...

it's've made coolest mom of the year award with those bulls eye very creative...i'm impressed!

Toni said...

Love that party idea!!!!

Amanda said...

Hahaha, a birdseed crop. That's probably all I could grow. That and a crop of weeds.

Oh, glad to hear you're feeling well and your bathing ritual has resumed. :)