The Sound of Music

I am not a musician.

As a child, I took piano lessons for 3 years. It was painful, for the teacher and the student.

I still can't find Middle C.

Oh yes, I am that talented.

My hubby surprised me at our wedding with a song. It was beautiful. His gift played into my evil plan for him to marry me.

Because it would give my future kids a musical chance. Or at least half a chance.

My first born is smart as a whip and very athletic.

My second born is mechanically-inclined and a huge people person (his nickname at school is The Mayor. People like him).

My third born child is 17 months old. Her giftedness has been elusive. Until recently.

She loves music. Now, I know you're thinking, "yeah, most toddlers do."

No. You don't understand. She loves music. It is her gift.

She is special.

Even though she's a busy child, she's not talkative. And actually, she prefers to use baby sign language to communicate. She uses her hands to say, "more, eat, and all done."

I'm thinking she could last years on these three words. I know I could.

Every time she would hear music, she would do this strange motion with her arm.

It dawned on us after about the 50th time, she had assigned a sign for the word 'music'.

See, I told you. She is special.

And then, she put the 'more' sign with the 'music' sign. She asks for music before and after naps, before and after meals. Well, pretty much all day long.

I sat my hubby down. "Okay, we need to talk.  You know, we've got one of those musical savant kids."

He just looked at me. "Savants are autistic people who have high musical skill."


"Well. She is musical and I think we should do something about it."

And so I did. I googled it. Don't mess with me, m'kay?

I've been looking at our options.

The other day, as I researched and began to formulate a mental plan for my musical genius, I laid her down to change her diaper. Even musical genius' can stink up the place. I started singing, "Jesus Loves Me" without even thinking about it.

I rarely sing. It's just too painful for others. Not even in the shower.

I noticed she was trying to get my attention. She starting doing the 'more' sign.

"More what, honey?" I asked as I pointed things out. She shook her head, 'no' over and over.

And then I had a sinking feeling. "More of this?" I asked as I started my shaking rendition of "Jesus Loves Me."

She did the sign for 'more.'

And then she clapped.

That's when my musical dreams died. Died, I tell ya.

Because if she thought what was coming out of my mouth could be called music, maybe that's not her gift after all.


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hahaha! That's too funny :)

But hey, you never know! She could be an INCREDIBLE motivational music teacher :)

Janice said...

LOL - way too funny!

BUT don't worry - I struggled through piano myself and had no talent whatsoever. I can play - but not very well.

But I started Jackson in Suzuki piano last year when he was five and he is playing really well! I think he is getting some genes from the other side of the family.

Get her involved in music now. Music for Young Children starts early and the Suzuki method is GREAT for young children too.

Michelle Hix said...

She sounds like such a sweetheart.

Jane @ Kidzarama said...

You know, all that proves is that she's not gonna be a critic.

There's hope for you both yet...

Mandy said...

Ahh, oh well. Hey...maybe your not as bad as you thought. :) If you are interested in the music avenue for her, you may want to try Kindermusik classes. The website provides all the info about the classes you need. Go to Kindermusik dot com.

Cheryl said...

hahaha..yet again you start my day with some laughter!! That baby girl is going to be the next Sandi Patti...and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

marky said...

Maybe she will replace Paula on AI? sounds like your toddler can give you great encouragement!
Cute story this morning.

Domestic Spaz said...

I took 12 years of piano lessons. I can play one song. Mom was really stretching her dollars on that, eh?

I'm giggling about the singing. I think all kids love the sound of their mother's voice. No matter what. :)

THopgood said...

Girl, You make me laugh! That was fantastic.

Dawn said...

You crack me up!!! Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning!

Just because she may not be gifted in the area of singing doesn't mean all is lost. My son isn't exceptional in singing (but don't tell him, okay?) but he is a very gifted percussionist. So, you never know. Just keep providing her with opportunities to experience music and various instruments!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

My husband is also the musical one in our family. when our oldest was born she prefered my voice over his. Ah, unconditional love. I relished it. Let's say that changed as she is now 9.

Anonymous said...


I'm definitely agreeing with the teacher theory. Maybe she's just trying to help you find your voice!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

Maybe she kept asking for more out of astonishment. Quick, get your hubby to sing for her tonight and all may be well again. Just kidding!

If music turns out NOT to be her thing.......I'll be waiting to read about what is.

Suzie said...

A Mama's voice should be music to every babies ear. Even if that voice is really off key :)

Happy Mommy said...

Oh, don't lose all hope.... All children think their mama's are the best, singer, cook, boo boo kisser and much more! I am glad she loves music! And it might have been the words she wanted more of.

Lisa J said...

Music may be her gift, but just deaf to your tone!!! Pure love at its finest! What a sweetheart! Have a great day

Well Behaved Krissy said...

HAHA! This is stinkin' hilarous. I do this SAME stuff (trying to figure out what's there "thing" so I can encourage them in it)to my kiddos and as a singer I'm dying for my daughter to rock at some music. Right now all she (19 months) does is shake that lil' apple bottom and sing a few words of Mickey Mouse Club House with me, but I feel sure that her clear tone has her destined for greatness. ;)
I love reading your stuff. Come visit me sometime. I'm planning on doing your 'Fro me to you thing soon.
Well Behaved Krissy

Marie said...

I think the word you're looking for is ingenue?

Darla said...

Bwahahahhaahha. You crack me up.

So when is your fisrt utube video showing? We can't wait to hear more music.

gina said...

lol. So glad I found your blog through mommyfest-I'm bookmarking it!

gina said...

lol. So glad I found your blog through mommyfest-I'm bookmarking it!

Anonymous said...

I am giggling so hard! Missy Hoohaw loves music as well and stops her poor tone-deaf sister every time she starts to sing.
"NO SING!" she bellows. Oh, how I wish I had taught her baby sign.

At preschool, she lives for music time. She knows all the words to every song and her joy is so visible, it takes my breath away.

Encourage the love of music. There is so much benefit from learning about it and it carries over to other areas like math and spatial reasoning. (Yes, I had a brief stint as a music teacher in the public school system.)

I recently found your blog through Rocks In My Dryer and I absolutely love it. Especially your web design. So beautiful! And the writing's swell too!

Jamie said...

So funny! I know how you feel...I have one child that is musically talented, and it definitely didn't come from me!

Tanja said...

No, Kristen, don't let your thinking go that route. Simply believe that to her sweet baby ears, anything that momma sings is beautiful. Hey, you were positive when your son said you were the best mom, even if you don't always think it. She can still be a musical genius and love her momma's singing the best. :-) Claim it, girlfriend!

Heather J. said...

I'm pretty sure that we are all tone deaf in this house, we enjoy music but Lordy, if you heard us sing, you'd pray for ear plugs...

and of course she though it was music, you're the mommy and everything you do is perfect!

Lisa said...

I think it's so sweet that she wanted to hear more of her mommy singing! Isn't it better that her love for mom overrode her musical genius at that moment?!

4kids&luvit said...

You make me laugh every day! I have a similiar story with my Lauren (you've read about her on my blog). Only every time I would sing when she was young she would yell "NO!" She's much politer now but still, it hurts.

Valarie said...

Funny, Funny!! Ok well maybe she still is a musical genius, she just likes to listen to all different types. Maybe she was studying what not to do. :) Aww Just Kidding, I'm sure its not that bad.

Rachel Rowell said...

Way too cute!!

Shauna said...

You have to start somewhere right??? :) Even geniuses?

WorldsGreatestMommy said...

Loving this! I leave all singing to my husband. Our daughter uses baby sign language too. But the only thing she asks me for more of, is food.

Alicia said...

Great post! Your baby sounds adorable, and I wouldn't give up on the music just yet! Maybe she just hasn't been exposed to enough to know your voice is, um, less than musical. LOL.

Kelsey Smith said...

hahaha Too funny! She is so cute!

bh-craftjunkie said...

That's cute.

Joanna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your header! That is just so sweet about your little girl!

Pregnantly Plump said...

How funny! I can't tell you how thrilled my husband would be if Little Elvis was into music. I think he would cry, literally burst into tears. I bet she still is into music. I read somewhere that our little ones think mama's singing is the best sound ever. I don't what age that will change, though.

Christine said...

That was delightful! And I'm sure she's a musical genius in love with mommy's voice.