Sincerely 'Fro Me to You-The Big Twin

Thanks for joining me for my weekly flashback. Today, I dove deep into my photo box and pulled out a bit of history. If you want to read why I'm sincerely offering this 'fro me to you, and just how sincere blah blah blah I am, click here.

I am a twin.

My sister was born five minutes after me. I am older. As a twin, this is important.

Growing up twins made my sister and I a little more unique than the average singleton. We shared a birthday, a room, clothes and sometimes we were nice to each other.

Sometimes. Notice I did not choose often. Stay with me.

I think the best thing about being a twin was always having someone with me, especially in difficult situations.

The worst thing? Those difficult situations: We could be scratching each other's eye balls out in the privacy of our closet one minute and holding hands like the greatest allies, when we were caught by our parents in the closet scratching each other's eyeballs out.

Oh, yes, we hid our wounds and quickly became best friends again. Unity is born in the midst of anger from the parental units.

We are not identical. Actually, we've always had our own look. She has green eyes. Mine are brown. As children, she was fair, I was olive.

And, not only was I the older twin, I was the bigger twin.

My parents always referred to me as the big twin, you know, to differentiate between us. I guess because saying, "the brown-haired one or the blonde one" would be confusing.

I have always been bigger than my sister, at least several inches taller. I was born at 5 lbs. She was only 3 lbs. and so, I guess it was natural from the beginning to label us by size. I grew up with the label.

It was like a trait. "Oh yes, she has wavy, thick hair. And she has straight, fine hair. Yes, she is tiny, isn't she? Oh, and that one? She's the big twin."

During high school, we quickly migrated to our own interests. I loved sports, drama and journalism and my sister loved all things music. We found autonomy and it was good.

I will never forget the day I referred to myself as the big twin. I was in college. (Yes, I know it is sad that I still characterized myself this way.) Someone mentioned that I was petite.

I argued and others joined in, pointing their fingers and proclaiming me petite.

Well, never in all my 20 years had anyone ever used that word to describe big, ol' me.

It was such a revelation, once I returned to my dorm room I called my Mom.

"Mom, did you know I was petite?"

"Of course, honey, you're 5'2"."

"But, I'm the big twin!"

Well. After my mom stopped laughing, she went on to explain that compared to my sister who was just under 5 foot, I was big, bigger, oh, um, tall, yes, taller.


And that's when it dawned on me that I wasn't that big after all.

Of course, I'm still the older twin. And that's pretty important.

Food for the Soul:
“It is written: " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.”- Romans 14:11


Michelle Hix said...

I am totally amazed at how much you both still look like your baby pictures. So cute!

Crayl said...

As the mom of twins, yes indeed, that older twin thing is very important, to the oldest one anyway.

Liza's Eyeview said...

OK, I'm barely 5 feet tall so you're still big... tall... whatever... :)

If I can get our scanner to work I'd be doing something like this with you. Maybe you should turn this into a "bloggy carnival" and provide a Mr. Linky for those who are doing the same. Just a thought ;)

Great photo of the "now" - you two are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you guys are so sweet looking. You look like you still love each other after all these years. No matter who's older or bigger.

4kids&luvit said...

That post made me laugh...and it made me think. See, I have twins sons. I had TTTS when I was pregnant. They were premature but Brandon wieghed in at 5 1/2 pounds and little (note the word"little") Connor was only three. They are two 1/2 years old now and Connor has caught up with Brandon. But we still call Brandon the "big boy" and Connor the "little 'un." Maybe we should stop that. Instead of "B" for Brandon means "B" for BIG we could come up with another way to tell them apart for our friends and family.

Child of the King! said...

Cutey patooties!

And yet you both have short hair styles..a "twin thing"?

Dawn :0)

P.S. Link what?

Valarie said...

Aww, thats a good picture of y'all!! So did your mama give here perms also?

And I think that it would be a good idea for the linky thing. I have been debating about putting a picture of me in the 7th grade out there. Ya know trying to beat my sister to the punch. SO I would totally do this with you. I am brave I tell you, brave. ;)

The Apron Queen said...

Count me in for "Fro Me to You". My blog is full of the crap. Um, I mean important stuff. Funny stuff. And even if it's just you & me. So what... who cares?!! It's so much fun to dig through old boxes & share with Blog Land. Better than just letting it sit in a box. People will join in. It'll be fun.

Happy Mommy said...

You guys are so cute! And I love your sisters necklace, is it from Bonbon Charms?
I would love to be in a carnival with you!!! I how ever have no idea how to use our scanner... I think Daddy can teach me, I have some great old pictures to share and some pictures pre WW.
So lets do it, tell us how!

Janel said...

Oh, this would be fun. I just have to figure out how to use my scanner!

Great story.

Marcy Massura said...

You funny twin you. I am not sure I could live with called BIG my whole life!

Okay about the 'fro' thing...not only would I participate- I already HAVE (am a mind reader).

Take a look

AND of course I would LOVE to show the world MORE embarassing photos of myself in the future! I have some real jewels of geekiness to share!

Darla said...

Oh that is hysterical. You are TEEENIE. I know...I've seen your bum. ;)

Heather J. said...

Yes, just because I like you that much, I'll dig scary "old" photo's out....just "fro" you.

When I was just beginning to read, my stepfather showed my the obituaries. All the names in alaphbetical order, "Heather people die in alphabetical order," he says.

I believe it until I got married at age 2o. When my last name had been an "Mc" and then I married and became all excited because I Hadmarried a "W"..."Oh, I'll live longer!"
My mom gave me a strange look and said, "what?"
I told her my little story, After she finished laughing and talking about how she could have had such a moron child (I kid you not) she explained the facts....

I spent a lot of sleepless nights wondering if the 1972 Mc's, were gonna go soon or not.

Yep, I am that gullible or that stupid....but I'm gonna go with gullible.

womaninawindow said...

Uncanny how I thought when just viewing the picture that the older twin must be the bigger twin. Maybe bigger and heavier you fought to get out into this world first! Strange, too, how our childhood perspectives never quite leave us.

Kara-The LITTLE sister said...

Kristen---Thanks for not showing my BIG butt!

and YES !
I did get perms too! It is a family curse!

We both have short hair now due to all the chemicals our mother used!

AND for the record---I am EXACTLY five feet tall (with heels)!

Love you BIG sister!

Amanda Eck said...

aww- Its amazing how much Emmerson looks like you! too cute!

Suzie said...

You two do look alike. Icouldnt tell who was bigger though. My scanner is broken so Im not sure about the idea. Its a good idea though

bunchofbull-ers! said...

That would be fun! I have some goodies that would be a riot to share! Maybe mostly for me though, pondering what my mother was thinking cutting my hair that way, etc. Good times! Will our kids say the same in twenty years?!!

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Funny. I had a similar name on my basketball team in high school b/c I am tall. Though I was 5'10" and about 130 lbs, I was always one of two "big girls," as in "you want to get the ball down low to the big girls." Fun how that sticks with you in other situations though.

I like your carnival thingie idea. I'd do it.

Tonya said...

That is so cool. I always wanted a twin! Amazing how you actually thought you were "big" at 5'2" I would do the carnival thing when I have time as 4 kids and summer might restrict the computer time :)

Katie said...

I now feel like a giant. I'm 5'10" If you do a carnival thingy I'll participate. I can't promise all the pictures will be of me though.

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

You two look so cute in both pics. Love it!

I hear you about the "big" remarks. I try to be careful of the things I say about my girls. We absorb that stuff like sponges and make it a part of our being. Not good.

I have an "Irish twin" - my sister is 51 weeks exactly younger than I am (seven days shy of a year.) I was short and not always skinny, while my sister was tall and rail thin. Family always commented out loud on our appearance. It's amazing how much that sticks, even though the adults didn't think a thing of it. :)

Faerie Mom said...

I am trying, comnstantly, to not compare my boys. While they are not twins they are close enough in age that the comparison thing is always rearing its ugly head. The Boys therapist told me it can actually harm their speech developemnt if they are constantly compared to thers' who speak more. Weird.

ANYway. I would join in if I can find any old pics of me. i would probably have to ask my mom to send me some! LOL

heather said...

I loved reading that. You and your sister are beautiful! I would love to participate ...I just can not find that dreaded photo with my fabulous mushroom haircut. I'll keep digging!

Colleen said...

I would love to participate in your 'fro postings, though I am slightly hurt in that I officially began my "flashback friday" thing a few months ago. I love your stories so much it took me all of 22 seconds to get over that. My sentiment was, "I am doing this - if I have 1 person join me or 52 it'll still be fun." Maybe we can join forces...bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it :o) cute post!!!

I had twin room mates just after college ...they opened my eyes to the world of twins!!!

what a blessing :o)

Your Mother!!!! the hairdresser said...

The picture brings back so many MEMORIES!!!!!! HAVING TWINS WAS SO SPECIAL AS YOU WERE AND ARE TO ME!!!!!. LOVE, MOM

Melanie said...

So now that you are... ahem... older- is it still better to be the older twin?

Livin' With Me

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

Embrace your petite-i-ness! You know, it'd be really easy to tell you 2 apart if your sister wears the big "K" everyday. :)

Stephanie said...

Cute story. How did your brother like having twins for sister's? I can imagine there are plenty of stories there.

Blessings From Above said...

I had to do a double take to be sure which one was you in the rpesent day picture. You guys still look so much alike!

I would love to participate in the 'fro' thing! Let me know the details when you get a chance.

Kim said...

What great pictures. I love looking at old pictures and thinking back to the "old" days. Count me in - I already have a picture of my sis and I in mind. We aren't twins, but we do look alike now.

Jewelgirl said...

Nice Retro Pix and neat to see
you all grown up! You can see my
retro pix on my comment!
Come and visit me at sandwichedmom
and see my retro stuff! :)

Marianne Thomas said...

Throw a Mr. Linky box on this! I'd totally go through my five or six...or seven...tubs of photos and find some crazy stuff to post about.

And if no one links, you and I can form the Lonely Mr. Linky Support Group!

Marni Tiani Self said...

How cute!!

I WOULD love to participate!!

Jenny said...

What a sweet story! I'm an only child and have always dreamed of having a twin, or any sibling really.

Have a great day!

LifeatTheCircus said...

Aren't siblings great? I read somewhere that chances are your siblings are the only ones who will know you for your entire life. That really stuck with me as I try to cultivate life long friendships between my children. Thanks for the post! It would be fun to join you in your remembrances from the past!

Carol Van Rooy said...

I may just have to join you every Thursday. What a neat way to see into the past lives of others... almost like a history lesson on the past.

babbergls95 said...

Oh my gosh we ahve so mcuh in common!! im not even joking. I also have a twin, 5 miinutes apart. she's older, im taller. im 5"3 she's 5"0. We're fraternal and the age 13. i alwyas think the same as you do, i also think how cool it is to be a twin and we have each other's backs and we go to the same school. Haha my sister and i also share a birthday =] and we share a room. We used to be able to share clothes but now we have different sizes, im taller so she can wear my clothes but i can't wear hers. Yes we also argue and fight. we also have our own interests by now. she loves to dance and she's girlier, i love to draw bake and cook and pay sports. I am also a bit heavier then she is but we're both skinny. I'm about 20lbs heavier. we both have green eyes and we also have a big brother =] so i just wanted to share this because we have a lot in common =] even though your older but the age shouldn't matter

Sarah said...

Great story!!! Thanks for sharing it! My mom is a twin, I always wanted to have twins myself but somehow that never happened! You are both beautiful!