Bad Pictures are Good Posts

[I totally ripped off my fellow Compassion blogger, Ryan Detzel, for this great title]

My iPhone had 323 photos on it. I decided to clean it up a bit..........

only to discover it's those bad photos that make great pictures:

Because everyone needs googley eyes:

This is one of 14 photos of my fisherman hubby and a fish:

I married a hick (if the above picture didn't clarify that, the hat will):

Glazed over eyes=time to get off (also your toddler is taking pictures AGAIN):

Cousins on a shopping day for matching swimsuits (sisters sharing coupons):

What happens when your hubby tries to rub your headache away (bruising the next day!):

Deep thoughts:

Flying to Africa:

Appointment to the eye Dr. with your son turns date when you add dessert:

My oldest with her face smashed against my window:

It's those unplanned, spontaneous moments of living that make the best memories!


Ashleigh said...

Now that smushed face is one funny picture! Happy mothers day.

Keowdie said...

Great photos!

I grabbed a bunch off my phone this weekend for a slideshow. I think the iPhone pics were the funniest!

Oh, and I am so glad my kids haven't figured out how to take photos yet. I'll be in trouble when they do!

texasholly said...

Ha! Great pics. Love the smoosh nose.

hisgal2 said...

Haha!! I love them!

annaehoward said...

Ha ha! Great pictures! Love the face smashed one!

Alison said...

Hilarious and fun!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Alexia said...

Smashed face is hilarious! And so is your glazed over eyes! If my toddlers took pictures of me that's all they'd get LOL

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

Love, love, love the peek into your everyday. Especially the glazed over eyes, girl.

Jennifer said...

FABULOUS! how wonderful and real these pictures are! I think I will go "clean up" my iPhone pics, and see what treasures await me. Thanks so much for sharing. Loved it! God bless!

Wander said...

You're so right! I love those pictures and can't seem to delete them off.
I'm way too sappy sentimental anyway! I keep most everything!
Then cry when I run across it way later!
I'm not kiddin.....time really does fly!

Kristen said...

ah those are excellent pictures!!

Lori Anderson said...

Ha ha! Love these. Fun pics, real life shots. Captions are fun too.
All the Best, Lori (BlogFrog)

Traci Michele said...

Great pictures! :-) Visiting from


Kari said...

OK I'm totally laughing OUT LOUD at THAT crazy family:)) Fun post and hilarious pics!!!


Seizing My Day said...

That last picture is LOL funny!! love the 'bad pics' he he!!

thriftymomma said...

The best is the smashed up window face at the end. That cracks me up. I love it. Paula

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bridget {bake at 350} said...

Love the girls shopping sweet!

Anonymous said...

Seriously cute and fun. :)

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

The first and last ones are just TOO priceless for words. Thanks for sharing.