Tina said...

Thanks for sharing Anne Jackson's blog! I live in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a beautiful, historic city, but it is also plagued with prostitution.
It is one of the largest transit & destination points for human trafficking in Europe. Most tourists probably don't know that, with the exception of those who come here for that very reason.
Our community outreach/church start (we are missionaries here) is praying through how we can be a part of sharing the love of Jesus Christ in this area.
My heart becomes so heavy when I stop to think of this kind of thing happening right around us where we are raising our 3 children, our area of Prague, district 3 being home to much of the city's sex industry.
We have a sex shop and 2 casinos at our tram stop, just 2 blocks away from our apartment with numerous other strip joints within walking distance of our apartment. It makes my heart heavy and my stomach churn.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for bringing her blog to your reader's attention! And it reminds me of how I need to fall on my knees in prayer daily for this city and the trafficking going on right around us. Blessings, Tina

Rebecca said...

you nut...I clicked on the song, thinking, "I can handle something sentimental this morning..." and I get that?! You really are devoted!

and, the first link is misdirecting, FYI.

Mamita J said...

Wow... thanks for sharing the sex cafe post. It makes you stop and pray.

Shari said...

That card basket link isn't working & I'd really like to send one!