La Dolce Vita said...

I knew you'd be moved by Falling Whistles. Thanks for getting the word out!

thegypsymama said...

Hey Kristen -

Thank so much for including me in your linky love. Gosh, girlfriend, that about made my day! That's some super duper company to be in.

A Blessed and Beautiful Easter to you!

~Lisa-Jo (thegypsymama)

MM said...

Hi Kristen,
Thought you might like this site to share sometime. Lauren and I go to church together, so I have seen her pieces in real life and they are GORGEOUS! She also donates a portion of her profit toward an organization that fights human trafficking. The site is called She also has an etsy store. :)
Meriann (Kara's neighbor)

P.S. Thanks for sharing your Compassion story. I love to be challenged about my ties to "stuff". I also shared (your trip) with my girls and we are now sponsoring a little girl through Compassion named Lidyia. They wanted her to be from Ethiopia because of B!