WFMW- Avoid Toddler Tantrums (w/an iPhone)

Recently, I made a discovery that truly works for me: iPhone apps for Toddlers (by a smart company called Tantrum Apps, obviously a parent is the CEO).

Normally, I wouldn't dare hand my 3 year old my iPhone. She isn't always careful and let's face it, she might try to slather it with peanut butter and flush it down the commode.

But sometimes life presents situations (um, everyday) where you have to wait with a toddler-doctor's visits, restaurants, soccer games, grocery stores-and maybe you've recognized that these little blessings aren't always patient. I've found in these special monitored circumstances, that the iPhone is ideal.

WARNING: I strongly suggest a rubber case for when it's dropped.

Here are a couple of my favorites (that are free to download):

  • Toddler Teasers- This one is very educational and I was shocked at how much my little girl knew! It's highly interactive and praises your child with right answers. My favorite so far.
  • Hatch-This was strictly designed for distraction and it works. The child taps the egg until it hatches open to reveal a small animal. The animal changes with each hatched egg.
  • I Hear Ewe-A really cute game that is basically animal/sound recognition. Cute!
Toddler apps work for me! (Oh, and by the way, I'M GOING TO AFRICA!)

Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.}

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Hoosier Homemade said...

Wow, technology these days amazes me.
Thanks for hosting!

Julie From Inmates said...

The iPhone has saved me many-a-time with my 3 year old too! Some of his favorite APPS (which are ALL free) are Shapes (which I think is a Toddler Teaser), matching zoo, and Doodle Buddy.

K @ Prudent and Practical said...

Cute ~ My 2 year old niece is already obsessed with the phone though! She just walks around and talks to the pretend people on the other end.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

What about a Christmas tree? LOL


Yeah, we had the same thoughts this week. Only I'm mega-screwed. :(

brudcrew said...

Ooo I want this! Do they have any formatted for other phones?

Tiffany said...

My four year old has figured out her daddy's i-pod touch quite nicely. Me? I'm lost! lol

The Manic Mommy said...

My iphone has helped in MANY situations! Mister Monster has his own page of apps! :) PrekSafari is a great one, but I think its $1.99 & Animatch is another great one! There are so many great apps for the iphone! Great WFMW! Have a good day!

Ktietje85 said...

I read this post with my toddler sitting next to me, and she kept pointing at the graphic from the iPhone and signing "more." Now she's trying to grab the laptop away from me so she can see it.... lol!

everydayMOM said...

Is it hard to convince her that the phone does NOT belong to her the rest of the time now that she knows about those fun games? My kids keep asking for an iPod and I have been telling them there is nothing fun on there for them. =]

I'm so happy for you that you get to go to Kenya! I went on a missions trip to Africa when I was younger and it was life-changing. I pray I can go back again someday!

Emily said...

You should get BalloonLite. When you blow into the microphone it blows up a balloon, and when you shake it, it turns into a balloon animal. Way cute!

rachelizabeth said...

I give my son a calculator to play with. He pretends it's his iphone. It works for me! (and is only a few dollars in replacement costs!)

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I love my ipod touch for the kid apps - I'm going to get my hair colored today and am bringing it along for him. I don't understand why, but he LOVES the dum dum lollipop lick-a-pop game. Keeps him busy for at least 20 minutes!

Sonora said...

We also discovered the Iphone apps. They have been lifesaver for us as well. Great idea!

Heather said...

Great idea! I swear, my 12-year-old needs some of these :)

Amy B said...

I don't have an iphone (maybe someday) but my daughter sure loves a "wone" as she calls it. She's 18 mos. and loves to talk on the phone. I give her mine in the store and she talks to everyone she can think of. (mamaw, papa, mama, dada, caddie(our dog), etc.)

Kirstin said...

our friends 2 year old likes one called "Horse Barn" or something like that.

Lisa Anne said...

I have a mytouch which pretty much is the same thing as an iphone. My son loves all the applications. I've noticed there are a ton of apps for kids.

Leslie said...

A few days before we went on an airplane in November with my 10 year old, 5 year old, and 4 year old I downloaded quite a few free game apps and even paid a couple of dollars for 2 or 3. It was so worth the time and money to have those for kids to pass the time with when the lost interest in everything else. These days, it's is such a helper when I can't avoid taking my 4 year old to the grocery story or while sitting in a waiting room.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tip! My husband and I both have Toddler Teasers on our phones, but I need to get the others. Our kids also like Matching Zoo. It's a good one since it doesn't require sound.

momstheword said...

Wow, I wish they'd had things like this when my kids were little! Thank you for hosting.

Sara said...

Great idea, but be careful. The microwave technology that powers cell phones is dangerous for growing brains. Don't let her put it up to her head too much. I never let my kids play with our cell phones. Sorry to be a stick in the mud. :(

akhmmm said...

I've see others who use their iPhones and iPod Touches in the same manner. I have also found that it help teens as well - when they only have an iPod that plays music and they are bored so they want to play games!

Apple has done a great job supplying parents with good ways to help maintain sanity.....So how did our parents do it?

Jo said...

Hi (I'm new) - I love my iPhone and even I have found the apps excellent - waiting at the doctors, or in a queue - I whip out my iPhone and check my emails or play a game. Keeps me occupied. My 17 year old son couldn't live if I took away his iPhone (not my husband I think!!).

marymary said...

THIS WORKS!!! I'm a children's pastor and had a crying 3 year old during our Christmas Program this year. I gave him my IPhone and he sat and played for the rest of the time. He wasn't totally quiet though and did speak up really loud and one point and asked if he could buy a new game! He was at the app store and needed my password. I almost got the giggles at this point!

jackie said...

I don't have an iphone(I have a blackberry) but there have been many times when my son(almost 2) just wouldn't sit still. I went to youtube & found him mickey mouse clubhouse & he would sit still! Best thing ever!!

kanishk said...

! She just walks around and talks to the pretend people on the other end.

Work from home India

Pat said...

I really hate to bring up something on the negative side of this, but are you aware of the serious dangers from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that cell phones (and i-phones, and blackberries, and other wireless devices) emit? If not, I urge you to educate yourselves and rethink the benefit/risk ration of toddlers using wireless technology. Here's a good place to start:


And here's a good follow-up: http://www.naturalhealthstrategies.com/cell-phone-safety-presentations.html

Granted, when playing games on the phone, your toddler doesn’t have it against his head. But brain cancer is not the only danger. When your little one has the phone in his or her hand, the radiation can affect the blood negatively and possibly DNA as well. It’s invisible, but real, and not something to mess around with.

Lawrence said...

I'm the guy behind Tantrum Apps. Just want to thank you for the mention. Yes I'm a dad, daughter is 2.5 and another one on the way in May.

If you'd ever like to do a giveaway with some free promo codes, please let me know. I love to help out other parents.