Community Question/Discussion #2

Has your child ever been disrespectful to you?

That's the big topic at my Blog Frog forum today.

{Come learn the tools that will make them stop in their tracks, leave their jaw hanging open and give you back the power you need to parent efficiently.}


Donna said...

Wow- how did you know I spent today arguing with my kids?

Jo said...

Yes - but what do you do when they are 22 years old? Too old to send them to their bedroom.

Anonymous said...

My answer would be no, I have never experienced one of my children being disrespectful to me. Perhaps there's partly an age aspect to that, my kiddos are quite young (9, 4 & 2) but above all I think it's because I'm not disrepectful to them :) They learn to treat me the way I treat them, which is not to say we're all perfect, but disrespect, no, that's fortunately not something we have to deal with.
Cheers, Mette (a reader from Denmark)