No WFMW Tomorrow

Hi y'all!
Just wanted to remind you that there won't be a WFMW tomorrow, the day before the day before Christmas.

But THERE WILL BE a WFMW on the day before the day before New Years (Dec. 30) because I said so. (Actually, we don't do much around here to ring in the New Year and I'll be ready to get back into the swing of things!)

Mark your calendars for the next THEMED edition on the first Wednesday in January (6th). We're going to do a BACKWARDS version (where instead of posting a tip, you post a question and ask for tips/answers)!

Happy day before the day before Christmas Eve to you!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the idea of a "SDRAWKCAB" WFMW!! You are SO creative! I can't wait for the first WFMW of 2010!!! :)

Diane said...

LOL...i might go into withdrawals

Brandi said...

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Can't wait for backwards edition. :)

Chief said...

May the joy of the Holiday Season make your Christmas bright

se7en said...

Oh a reprieve - thank-you!!! And I have so many questions I am going to start a list now!!!

BusyMom said...

I'm going to miss it. I might still post, just won't link up.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Earth Friendly Goodies said...

Oh the Horror! And I just wrote up a fun 6 1/2 things to do with all the leftover wrapping paper post just so I could use it for WFMW! Arrrg, well maybe everyone would be so kind as to visit and comment anyway just so my self esteem isn't thrown out with the non-recyclable wrapping paper. :)

The Eclectic Dabbler said...

I have SOO many questions!
I wish there were a "backwards" WFMW EVERY week! :-)
Yay! Can't wait!
Merry Christmas!!!