Give Thanks {A Family Project}


Have you heard of it? It's the non-revenue holiday hidden between the big money-makers, Halloween and Christmas.

(And it will be here before you know it!)

Marketing companies and toy manufacturers have made Oct. 31st and Dec. 25th every kid's dream. Those are the days you get stuff.

And I'm not above it. It was my own child that answered the question: "What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?"

Answer: "Pulling out the Christmas decorations."

But Thanksgiving isn't about stuff. It's not about hype or candy or gifts. It's not even about pie. (Although....)

It is a day worthy of being celebrated. It's a day to be generous. It's a day to be gracious. It's more than a day.

Thankfulness cures my children's complaints. It stops grumbling in it's tracks. Bickering doesn't stand a chance with thankfulness in the room.

During this season, I'm giving thanksgiving a place of honor in my home with a Give Thanks Countdown Calendar. I think this can be a fun family project, the making and the doing.

I'm sharing it over at (in)courage today, so to see my Give Thanks Countdown Calendar (with printable inserts and Thanksliving activities, you'll have to click over there.

(I'm disabling comments here because I want to hear what you have to say over there!)

Here's a peek:

I am so excited about this project! Please take a minute and check it out! We started our countdown this morning!

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