WFMW-Ten Ways to Please Your Husband

I thought I'd get a little personal and meddle in your business this week. Marriage is hard work. Just look at the divorce rate in America. 

My marriage is better when I am dedicated to making it better.  Here are some simple, yet thoughtful ways to please your husband:
  1. Call him in the middle of the day and thank him for working so hard to provide for your family (even if you work too, men really feel the pressure and responsibility).
  2. Make his favorite meal or wear a favorite outfit.
  3. Hug him a little too long.
  4. Pray for him.
  5. Give him your attention when he gets home from work.
  6. Hide a note in his lunch or in his glovebox.
  7. Text or email him just to say 'I love you.'
  8. Tell him he's a great Dad (even if he could be better).
  9. Do something impulsive (email me for suggestions, this is a family blog).
  10. Give him some time to himself. (send him fishing or hunting or send him to the garage without him having to ask).
Guy readers (all 5 of you), what am I leaving out?

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What works for you?

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