Stand By Your Man

I've mentioned before that I'm a city girl married to a country boy. My hubby slips into a dashing suit everyday to provide for our family and talks intelligent medical lingo, but he's really just a hick.

He taught me how to two-step on our first date. He actually whispered in my ear when I donned my first pair of western jeans "Wrangler butts drive me nuts" and he chews and spits sunflower seeds if he drives more than 30 minutes in the car.

He's a good 'ole boy. (My interpretation: He's a very fine man).

For the last three years, every time a position out of city limits opened in his company, he gave me the look. I've always had a reason to say no: a challenging pregnancy, a baby on a heart monitor, a need to live very close to my family, a great elementary school, etc.

My hubby honored my wishes with out regret every time.

Another opportunity opened a few weeks ago. It was hours from our home in a city I knew nothing about and would be a major move, but still in Texas. I went to my reservoir of excuses and begin assembling them.

We talked it over for a couple of days, the pros and the cons. At one point, he looked at me and said, "Just say the word [no] and I won't apply."

So, I said yes. I said yes because I don't want to have that kind of power over my hubby. I don't want to manipulate our future and miss out on something even more wonderful because I'm afraid. I said yes because it was time for me to stand by my man.

We prayed for the door to open if it was God's plan or to shut if we needed to stay put. I knew the job would be a long shot, with dozens applying.

Today, he has his third interview. It's been narrowed down to two.

I don't know the future.

We may be putting our house on the market next week. We may be pulling our kids out of school mid-semester. We may live a part: me here, him there. We may have to keep our promise about getting the kids a horse.

I may be having a mid-life crisis online for your viewing pleasure.

Or life may just stay exactly the same.

Either way, I will be relieved and excited about both.

Because I stood by my man.

I've learned a lot about me over the past 3 weeks in this process:
  • I am not patient.
  • I am comfortable in my life.
  • I have a great support of local friends (Cheryl, Amanda, Karen, Sandi, and Kimmy, Bridget) and of my family.
  • My hubby has better interview skills than I expected!
(And this is where you encourage me about my uncertain future and tell me everything is going to work out).

*Updated* His interview was just moved to Monday, also my hubby's birthday!

I need a nerve pill.


The Real Me! said...

Wow! Exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! My husband is the same way though. If there was a job somewhere in the middle of nowhere we'd be there! LOL
I like my modern conveniences. Walmart is .50 mile down the road, Publix 3.7 miles down the road, my bank 3.5 miles down the road, 4 Starbuck located within 5 miles of me. Need I say more? LOL
But if it is God's will, you're going to be just fine!!!
Standing by your man is the best place to be standing!

Henley on the Horn said...

I had to do the same thing. We moved away from all of my family... ALL of it! We also left friends who had seen all 5 of our babies born. We left the house where those 5 babies came home from the hospital. We moved from NC to FL in January. I never ever ever thought I'd be a FL girl. Some days are really hard, but most days are great. Our family is even closer, which I did not think was possible. I have an amazing new set of friends, incredible church, and a Classical Christian school for our children. My faith has grown, and I am going to be okay. You will too. I have talked about our move a lot on my blog.

Jodee Leader said...

Wow! Way to stand by your man! It will all work out! Take your nerve pill and hang in there!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

That is an inspiration. I think all wives could take a page from your book.


Stormy said...

As my mother always says..."God has a Plan". Hang in there, And be patient with God's timing and his plan.

Justbeingamum said...

You will be fine what ever happens. I had to move from Australia to California for 3 months when my first child was 6 months old. I was a nervous wreck, I didn't want to have to drive on the other side of the road. I knew no one, but I met some fantastic people whom I still keep in contact with nearly 2 years later. (it wasn't that bad driving either)
It is amazing what we can do when we are put into a situation, just keep positive and you will be fine.
Thinking of you!

CourtneyKeb said...

Aw, that gave me goosey bumps!
You two seem very close, so no matter where you and your family are I know you can manage to be happy.
Good luck, and God bless.

Kristy K said...

Everything will work out!!! Life's an adventure and your family seems to do great in new, exciting situations! I'm saying a prayer for you right now.

Ang said...

You will def. be just fine with whatever God has planned for you. This coming from someone who has packed up and moved 5 times in the last 6 years. I lived in a smaller city, had many friends, and most of all had my family.
I remember that first move from MI to VA like it was yesterday. the first move was def. the hardest and most emotional.
You said "Yes" this time and I pray that God has a wonderful adventure waiting for you.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

1) I love the 2-step!
2) I have the opposite situation where my hubby is a city boy, through and through. I'm not a country girl, but I do love my cottage in the middle of nowhere!
3) You are what I wish I could be. My hubby has wanted to move, but I really don't want to. However, a part of me wishes I could be more adventurous!

Nicole said...

Kristin, thank you for being honest and transparent. It is scary to go, to not know who will now be your support system, to not know how it will all work out, but this I know; God provides all we need. I say this out of experience. He always has provided friends who sharpen, patience to wait, and enough transition that it keeps me dependent upon Him, instead of comfortable. He knows that as soon as I feel comfortable, I cease to need to grow. But He also knows my heart, that as much as I crave good friends and a secure life, it is far better to see Him at work around me. I don't look for Him when I am comfortable. I am desperate for Him when I don't know where we are going. Should God lead you away, then there are those in this new place that need to benefit from your gifts, and from whom you will benefit, to be the woman of God you have been called to be. No fear, daughter of the King...go into the land...and watch what God does. <"><

searchingfortruth said...

I don't know why but as I read this post I started to Cry. I guess that your words spoke right to my heart because sometimes I control the decisions that are made in our house. I think that sometimes I forget that My hubs is just as smart and capable as me in making these decisions. Your post has made me realize that I need to "stand by my Man" and let go of the reins and let him take control sometimes. Thank you for your words even though some may think it is crazy but they were a blessing to me this morning as I read them.

shelly said...

Right there in that trench with you! My husband is applying for jobs out of town (fulfilling this dream God planted in his heart)...I've always known we'd be moving, but now it looks like an almost immediate move!!! (Please send nerve pills...I'm going nuts just looking at our house, soooo not readyfor sale!). I've had to just rely on God, that if its His will things will go smoothly and if its not the door will be shut!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Kristen. When we were married, 3 days later we moved 5 hours away from home. Still in Pennsylvania, but to a place I knew nothing about and knew no one. We lived there for two years then moved back home. And I have always said, and will continue to say that it was a great move for us and we were able to grow together during that time.
I'll be praying for you and your family!

Tina said...

We've been in the same position two times in our marriage. While exciting AND great opportunities for all of us, I was thrilled with one move and not so thrilled with the other. I made MANY mistakes during the not so thrilling move and I regret all of them.

You have a great outlook on all of this and I wish you all the best!!

Becca said...

I have stood by my man for those interviews too, and it is scary. Ours didn't work out. It would have meant a move from Texas to Michigan. If you are moving anywhere closer to the family camp you went to this summer, you have a friend!

Tanna Clark said...

Kristen, it's all God's hands and He won't give you anything you can't handle. What an adventure! My hubby's company has new offices springing up in the new few years. One being as early as the end of this year. I feel the itch. I know if the right place comes along we be embarking on a new journey as well. But it's all in His timing!

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! i cant believe it got moved! oh the agony of the unknown. you may need garage sale therapy this saturday :-D

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

Moving out of your comfort zone can sure be nerve racking! We packed up and moved 2 hours away from all family and friends. I was terrified--but I am so glad we did it!

I'm not a fan of the unknown, either! :)

You rock for standing by your man. Praying that everything works out to the good and the way that God intended. Wishing you peace through this process.

Musings of a Housewife said...

(((HUG))) I would be on drugs by now if I were in your shoes. ;-) Hang in there! I can't wait to hear what happens next.

Dawn said...

How exciting!!!

And from the files of "been there done that" I can assure you that if this change is God's will, then you are moving on to bigger and better in the area of His blessings. You wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

AND, this just may be the opportunity to get that house with the great big porch that you've been wanting! (See, you better be careful about what you blog about! LOL)

I'll be anxious to hear how Monday goes. You can email me if you need more personal encouragement - 'cause I really have "been there, done that" time a gazillion in our married life.

rachelizabeth said...

hmm... That same kind of thing is what brought my family to Houston this summer. Even though I was extremely comfortable where I was, my hubby was not. Since he's the one with the income, I figured that it's more important that his comfort comes first. Moving was NOT easy, but we're in a good place now and I know it was the right thing to do.

Good luck with it all.

Phillips Phamily Mama said...

Been through the exact same thing as of late! Listed our house less than a month ago; now, we're moving in three weeks. Whoa.

You are dead-on with not wanting to have that power over our husbands. Too often I "just say no" and I get my way. All along, it should be His way.

Find solace in the fact that He has a plan for you whether you know or understand those plans.

Now where are those boxes?

Monica said...

What pressure to have his interview on his birthday and to have to wait through the weekend. I know that it will work out for you because God's plans are so much better than ours ever are and we are immensely blessed when we trust Him with our lives. I have had to learn this lesson many times over marrying someone in the ministry. We moved through several church positions...out of ministry....and then back into the ministry as an Army Chaplain. We have endured two deployments (one 12 months and one 14 months), moved out of the state where I've always lived, and then moved to another country. I have been stretched more than I ever imagined. And I know that if I was adament and absolutely miserable, he would leave this life, but I can't because I know this is what he's called by God to do.

You'll be in my prayers as you face the uncertain future certain of God's promises for you and your family!

Tara said...

Good for you for giving him the opportunity to spread his wings. You never know, you may like it!

southerninspiration said...

Abraham was known by his faith when he MOVED when God told him to move. I know you would want the same thing. The Bible doesn't tell us how Abraham felt nor how his wife felt, but I can imagine it was a little scary. It's okay; whatever God calls you to do HE will provide and equip you to do it. It may be the best thing that ever happened to you! It may be a stepping stone to something even bigger. If you knew that it was, why would you want to miss out???? I encourage you to stand firm in your faith, and with excitement see what God has for your family!!! take care,


Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Stepping out on faith is rarely easy, especially when you REALLY have to let go! God IS in control and you may never know what He has in store for you, unless you trust Him completely .. not only with your salvation, but your life and all that comes with the everyday.

He knows better than we do .. even though sometimes we think we know better because of how it all "feels".

Congrats on standing by your man, I am sure it was a HUGE compliment of love for him.

It WILL be alright .. there is no telling what God is doing, but there are no testimonies without tests. :)

Peterson Family said...

Everything happens for a reason. You will get through it either way and you will do it with humor and grace. It speaks volumes about your love for your hubby that you said yes to this.

AngiePangie said...

It *will* be o.k.

I did this in 1998. I moved to my hubby's hometown in rural Michigan, population 500-something, from Indianapolis. Hardest thing I've EVER done, and I'm still adjusting eleven years later, but it was absolutely the right choice. My husband and children are so happy here.

What actually helped the most was the inter-tubes. Most of my social contact was online when we moved, so nothing much changed with that - I kept all my friends. In addition, I was able to stay in touch with my family as much (or little) as I wanted online. Bonus - I miss them and appreciate them every day. Something I never used to do.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

Mistress said...

Wow, I can relate right now!

I am a Navy wife and former Navy brat. I have been lucky enough to only move 3 times, one I do not remember.

I have lived in California for 14 years. This area is not really one where I wish to raise my kids. I have dreams of moving to Minnesota being close to the cities but far enough away not to hear the noise.

My husband is from Minnesota, I have family there.

Only thing I am afraid of is the job he will be doing. It would be 6 days a week 14 hour days. I would have the help of his family and his support as much as he could but my children would see their father LESS than they do now and he is on sea duty.

I feel bad, this is the place I want to end up. His parents are old but I really just want my family together for 3 years!!! At least.

Life is a dance you learn as you go.

Good luck!

Beth said...

You are such an amazing person and loving wife and mother...I can't imagine being so understanding! I would've said "NO!" without giving reasons...unless it was within a 1 hour radius from our house and he was prepared to drive to and from work every day! I guess I am not as good at seeing the hubbies side of things and pray that I will think of you and how strong you are if we are ever in the same type of situation. You inspire me daily! Thanks for sharing and I will keep you and your family in my prayers that God's Will will be done...

Oh, yeah...the "Wrangler butts make me nuts" cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh!

Kayla said...

I usually lurk, but I had to comment on this one. Trust God. You never know what He has in store. My husband's job moved us out of our home state when my oldest was 5 months old. The job was 6 and an half hours from my family. On the same day my husband was transferred, my father-in-law got transferred to the same city. My FIL had been in the same city for 40 years, so this was totally unexpected for them, but what a blessing. Hang in there. God's plan is bigger than we know.

MyLinda said...

I am SO the same way! I am comfortable with life the way it is and fight change...but the time comes when we must embrace change instead of fight it...things will work out the way they are meant to be and you will be able to clearly see the blessings for opening yourself up! :-)

Nicole said...

Oooo wee... what a thrill ride, huh? I dont like not knowing what the immediate future holds either. But it will all be ok and exciting all at once!

Dining Table Teacher said...

Hooray. A new adventure.

This happened to us just less than a year ago. Hubs moved to OR. I was in IN for 4 months in the snow w/ 3 little girls. It was hard being seperated, but man did it make us appreciate each other so much more.

It's amazing to see what can happen in our families when we start saying yes & getting out of our comfort zone.

Christibear said...

It WILL be all right. Trust that this has been put in your path for a reason. Here we are 18 months from a similar situation and though I miss my parents and my friends, moving 120 miles away for a new job was the best thing we could've done for our family. We both have better paying jobs, live in a house instead of a mobile home, our autistic child finally has an IEP, our others are in the gifted program, we've made wonderful friend and still kept the old ones, and most of all... we don't have my husband's ex-wife parking outside our house, calling complaints in to our employers or calling the police for welfare checks on the children every other day (and I'm not exagerating). Standing my my man when he got this job offer was the best (and scarriest) thing I've ever done for our family.

jmberrygirl said...

I think I agree with you that you'll be fine regardless of the outcome. I can tell you that moving away from my family was extremely difficult, but it made it much easier to enjoy them when we could visit and has brought me closer to J because we depended on each other and not other people. Good luck and prayers for your new adventure or your current one, whichever one is what God wants for you. I'm standing by my man too.

Kristine said...

How exciting! We did something similar last year - except we moved halfway across the country. My husband had been wanting to do something else for work for so long. It felt like we were in a whirlwind as he took the GRE, applied to schools, and got accepted to work on a PhD. And then selling our house, and moving away from all our family - the closest is a 5 hour drive. I won't say that it's been easy. But it will work out.

2 Tim. 1: 7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

angel bug baby said...

You obviously have a wonderful support system, judging by all of the amazingly encouraging comments your readers have left. But I also wanted to add my support because I've been in your shoes. If my husband wants to advance in his job, he usually has to move. I am a root-planter...and I like to stay in my comfort zone. But through Christ, I came to realize that my husband is the leader of our family, and where he goes, I will follow. If there's one thing that I would pass along from the lessons I've learned, it's to commit with your whole heart to making it your life as wonderful as possible when you move. If you focus on the negatives, you will begin to harbor resentment, and I don't have to tell you that's not good for anyone. See this as a blessing from God, and remember that He picked YOU to give this blessing to! It's yours...Cherish it! :)

Connie said...

Wow! What an appropriate time for this post to come my way. I, too, don't know what our future will changes in the immediate future - but my husband's hearts desire to help in some way, whether here or there, in our church ministry in Swaziland, Africa!

I am so glad you said yes to your husband. What a step of faith. I pray that things work to God's honor and glory in this situation you are facing. Blessings come from obedience - and standing by your man was a step of obedience.

Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

It is truly hard to uproot your family and go somewhere you've never been. I have officially moved my family 4 times since 9-11 and no we are not military. We are in the burger business. God has been very good to us. I have two children and my oldest was in 1st grade when we started all this. She is now a freshman in high school. I always told my children and everyone who asked "How do you do it?" "We grow where we are planted."

My children have seen many things and places that they might not have if we would have stayed put in Texas. We lived in Gilbert, AZ and so they have been to the Grand Canyon. They have also been to San Diego and San Francisco. We use to drive everywhere when we lived in Texas. And it would take us a day just to get out of Texas so I don't believe we would have ever ventured to California. They have also lived near the beach in Corpus Christi because of one of these moves. And we have lived in West Texas in the very family oriented town of Midland. We have loved all of these place and had great adventures but we are glad to be back home in Houston, Texas.

Leanne said...

It's so hard to be in "Life Limbo". We've moved to Maryland and Florida because of my hubby's work and now we're back in Utah. We had 2 weeks notice when we moved to Florida. They were all great experiences and we became closer as a family. Supporting each other as husband and wife is what it's all about. Good luck in however this turns out and try to have a relaxed weekend.

Renee said...

I absolutely love your blog, and one of the things I love the most is your faith. How great that you took it to God, how great that you "Stood by your man." You are a good woman! With or without nerve pills!

{ L } said...

GREAT choice WIFE! :) Way to stand by your man.

Lisa Anne said...

Very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. In the end whatever happens it will happen for a reason and work out perfectly as god has already planned for you!!

Robin said...

I'll be praying for you. Greg applied for another job in VA. But I want to move (don't want all the work of a move). We really want to be near Greg's family.

nicole said...

Everything will work out!

As you said, you can have peace in your heart because you put your husband's needs ahead of your own and God will honor that, we just don't know how.

Besides, you're staying in Texas, so it can't be all bad. ;-)

Kathy said...

My heart and prayers are with you!

I moved to the country to where my husband wanted to be,(and where he LOVES his job) and I can tell you it wasn't easy. But 8 years later I can tell you it's worth it. It's a tough (tough, tough, tough) journey but one that leads you to find contentment in places you never knew you could.

Praying for the process. Here if you need to lament. :)


emily hope said...

I love this ...

"I said yes because I don't want to have that kind of power over my hubby. I don't want to manipulate our future and miss out on something even more wonderful because I'm afraid."

Encouraged to see your trust in the Lord - isn't it the absolute best place to be!?

r- m val said...

you will do great! you have a huge blog community praying like crazy for you and your family. you have the faith and wisdom most of us wives long for. our church out here in central california has hired 4 families from texas and arkansas each of the wives have said they said no the first time or two and when they finally said yes God blessed them tremedously and now they are CERTAIN this is where God wanted them long ago.
thank you for sharing your fears and anxieties with us, we can all relate. i hope if i was ever give the change, i'd say yes too.
i'm typically the one that wants to pick up and go and hubs needs answers the hows and whys and money etc freak him out.

Janis said...

4 years ago I picked up my life and moved to Dallas, Texas to follow my man. Last year I needed to follow my heart and I moved back to CA to be with my family. Each time it was a HUGE decision & adjustment. But the good news for you is that you have each other...and that is a BLESSING! And this window that is opening may be the best thing for you. And hey Chik Fil A is all over TX and you have your sweet tea for a year, so how bad could it be? ;0)

But Momma said...

I pray that no matter what God's will be done. If HIS will is done then no matter what I know you can make it through it.

PS I hope the job is closer to me!! :o)Then maybe we can be real life friends! lol

Christi said...

Awww honey it's gonna be okay! I will pray for you and your family and that God's will be done!

MissMeliss said...

Oh god. Well, definitely sending up some prayers...for your nerves!! You will get through this.


everyday mom of one said...

It will work out I promise,funny I just started telling the story of how me and my hubby met and it meant a HUGE change in my life. But I never regret taking it, I never regret moving from family and friends I had my whole life because I have the man I love next to me and a beautiful family that goes with me wherever I go

Christie O. said...

you are right to depend on God for the answer. He will make it so if it's the right way to go. Keep the faith sweetie, I've moved many many times, even cried hysterically when God literally paved the way for me to go one place when my heart wanted to stay in another. it turned out to be THE best.move. i had ever made. it led me to where i am now. Stay strong, little root.

creditcardfree said...

((Hugs)) My husband decided three years ago to work full time for the army. We still lived in our hometown at the time. The move two hours away, the job, the new friends and school, the changes...have all been good. Yes, we miss our family dearly back home but we have grown as individuals, a couple and a family. Change can be a good thing. Embrace it! said...

So...a post I finally have to comment on. I stumbled across your blog months ago and something struck a cord, I back tracked to your very first post and read every single post. Crazy as it may seem, something made sense. Now...some comforting words...My family has always lived in large cities, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas...until a little over 7 years ago, when we moved to a VERY small town in East Texas, in fact it's not far from the summer camp yall go to. So here I was 16 and moving to a town of 11,000. There have been many many times that I've questioned and hated my parent's decision, even though it was for our best interest. But there are few instances where I know for certain that this is where I belong and a stronger power pulled us here. Three years ago, my parents were in a very bad car accident, and at 20 I dropped out of college to take over running the 2 businesses we own. Sixteen months later, my dad passed after struggling for 3 years with cancer. And now...I'm single and 8 1/2 pregnant. As small as this town is, it's family and I would not of been able to make is through all this without the support and love of these people. Please hold strong, and I know you will, there is a reason behind all of this, even if it is to just reexamine the situation yall are in now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristen, I have been in your shoes! I said "no" to so many possible transfer for dh over the first 8 years or so of our marriage that it became a running joke. My reasons were legion but the truth is I was scared. Scared of change, of discomfort, of uncertainty. But one day my hubby mentione din passing an opening coming available in his department but didn't even ask about going for it. I think he was resigned (and not in any good meaning of that word). Imagine his shock when I told him to go for it! He eventually got it which meant I left a very good job during a very bad economy and we basically uprooted our lives to move 900 miles away. I can sya that God has blessed us throughout the process (it's now been one year this month that we have been here) and contines to do so.

Even if your hubby does not get this job, you have shown him that you are willing to trust him and God and submit to his will. That alone is a powerful thing. And if he does get the position, feel free to email me for moving/settling in tips!

LEFThompson (at) hotmail (dot) com

Trac~ said...

Kristen - good luck to you and your husband in the job area. Don't ever be afraid of new and exciting things - however, I too, had the same thing happen to me - except I was the one who always told my husband "yes". The last time I said yes - my kids were moved "mid-semester", I left behind a job and friends I loved, and my husband lived "there" and us "here" for about 6 months before we were reunited for good. So.... as hard as it may be - if it is God's will - it will happen. If not, he will provide either way - just keep the faith! Our move worked out for the best and me and our family are all completely happier for it. But... I still miss my friends and have no support group here - not even family which totally sucks, but it has worked out for the best! Good luck and keep us posted! Happy birthday early to your hubby! Hang in there!

Big Hugs, Trac~ :O)

Lacy said...

Wow! Much peace and endurance and prayers your way! Love reading your blog so much. Your amazing and a super example to all of your readers...God is proud that you stood by your man. Thanks for ministering to us all.

brudcrew said...

I was a one town girl to the point that I insisted that my parents only move within my High School boundaries. Now I have lived in so many different places it is amazing to ponder. You will always find what you look for and I can see that you put your life in God's hands. I posted about this not long ago as we prepared to leave a wonderful neighborhood.
Good Luck! God will bless you and your family.

Mrs. Querido said...

Good for you!

I think "stand by your man" is in the Bible.... :)

Whatever the result, God will honor your obedience to His will.

Many blessings!

And thanks for sharing...we all need to be reminded to stand by our men!

Alex said...

Girl, beleive me I get you. I decided based on a lot of prayer and dreams to move to England, nearly 6000miles away from home, not knowing a single person. I have never looked back. When I visited for the first time I saw St. George's cross, a big red cross which I related to as a symbol that always came up in my dreams about my faith. If you pray for it, you will get signs to show you his plans for you and your family. You are in my heart and in my prayers, your website has been such a cornerstone of my religious support here. And though things aren't always easy, things are always the way He meant for them to be.

The Rambling Housewife said...

Good for you!! (And congratulations to your hubby, for making it this far!). Hang on tight to your spirit of adventure. Life in the country is the best thing for kids, hands down. I can't guarantee it, but I'm willing to bet (if you can hold on to that adventurous spirit!) that you'll never regret saying "yes." (Must confess, I'm jealous. I can't wait to get us out to the country!)

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

No matter how it turns out, you won't regret this. God provides in ways you can't imagine- new friends, new places. It won't be easy but, I promise, this will make your marriage stronger.

AutumnFawn said...

You can do it!! Almost 3 years ago, my family left TN to move to AZ b/c we felt like God was calling us to do so. And we didn't even HAVE a job. God provided one 3 days after we moved. While it hasn't been an easy road (he lost his job last year)God has been so faithful. He's provided a wonderful church where my hubby participates in leading worship, he's provided good friends, and all of my family is here, which I love!!!!
Thinking of you...

Living It, Loving It said...

Nerve recking, isn't it? I moved 400 miles away for my husband's careera and I am sure I would do it again.

JenT said...

Good for you! If it's God's will, everything will work out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it could be an adventure. Wising you guys a lot of luck!!

Abby said...

Being a military wife I can totally relate to this! I have no say in where/when we move, of course I have an opinion but it is only that because the Navy could care less where we WANT to go!
I have found it hard yet rewarding to give it over to God when the billet list comes out and we choose our top 3 - so far we have been blessed with 2 awesome duty stations!
Good luck to your husband on Monday!

Nancy said...

No matter the outcome, it'll be a growing experience for you. In fact, I think it already has been! When our kids were in elementary school several years ago my husband interviewed for a job out of state. I was NOT willing to move...not even to another neighborhood, much less another state...but agreed to go for the interview for a free weekend away, all expenses paid, without kids. Long story short, we ended up moving (away from all friends & family and the only state we had ever known!) and lived there for 4 years. We're back in our home state now, but our family still refers to it as the "best 4 years of our lives!"

Nancy M. said...

I'm sure everything will work out fine! Maybe there is an awesome experience waiting for you there. Have faith!

mrsgarageflower said...

YOU, my dear, rock the Casbah!


Rachelle said...

How FUN. I'd love to be offered a job somewhere new and exciting! Good luck!

Right now my husband lives in a different city during the week- yuck. I'd move in a heartbeat if we could afford it!

Whatever happens, it's an adventure, I can't wait to see you freak out. I mean, wait to see what happens. :)


Grandma Sandy said...

You did the right thing. Keep praying...

KK said...

God has this all planned out but it's so hard to wait! You can do it, any way it goes!

Becca from Our Crazy Boys said...

Wow... you sound just like me. I hate change, but you know what? Something good usually comes out of it... Just think... you'll have all of your "old" friends AND new ones!!

Terri said...

Good for you! That is a great testimony. I have moved with my husband's job more than once. Following him, standing by him, through thick & thin is right where God wants us... not always easy, though. If you have to move, you should get the book "After the Boxes are Unpacked" by Susan Miller (published by Focus on the Family). It is so helpful with the emotional and adjustment issues -- beyond the logistical. I will pray for you! Can't wait to see what the Lord will do. Blessings!

milissa said...

Good luck to your hubby! I am in the industry...I know all about industry dynamics these days...and if he's excited about this can't just be must also be a good opportunity. Wishing your family the best...and please keep us posted :)

Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

Like so many others, I've been there. We've moved across the country to different cities 4 times in the last 7 years! Each time I'm very reluctant but really, each place has been special and now I have special people all over the country. It takes a while to get used to the different cultures of different areas but we learn so much each time. We grow as people and learn more about ourselves. Plus, moving to a place where you know nobody forces you as a couple to make friends together. This has been a real blessing for us.

Whatever the outcome of the interview, it is great to hear the testimony of someone putting another ahead of herself. Good for you.

Leigh said...

WOW! Good for you - that is so hard to do - not to use your influence just because you can, just because you're comfortable where you are... but to serve your family and show your love for your husband by bending to God's will. Praying for you!

Natalie said...

from one Texan to another... Praise the Lord that either way, you get to stay in TEXAS! lol.

praying for you and impressed by your courage. keep us posted...

The Park family said...

Sounds like you just might be a country girl in training! HOW FUN! Although I must say that I can indeed sypathize with your plight since God moved our family, 3000 miles away from everything we knew and loved. Away from all our families and a great church. It was hard but it has been an awesome thing too. It was a 'stand by your man' type of deal for for me too and God has blessed our family for obeying HIS direction. Amazingly enough it has been really hard on my hubby being so far away from familiarity, but God has shown his faithfulness over and over! What an amazing blessing and an exciting adventure for you! There will be ups and downs and days un-fit for posting, but through it all, getting to the other side is worth it! HUGS!

Kimberly said...

This is where I am going to encourage you about your uncertain future and tell you everything is going to work out!!!

Awe...Kristen....again....another awesome post. You might have an uncertain future, but you CERTAINLY have a STRONG family that will be just fine no matter what happens!

You guys will be in our family's thoughts and prayers!

PS Jelly Beans are a great substitute for a nerve pill!!

Kimberly said...

One more thing....does this 'potential' town have SWEET TEA? If not, I am sure CFA will UPS gallons to you to finish up the year!! :)

Stephanie said...

I have no words of wisdom for you Kristen, but I do believe that God will bless you for honoring your husband. He's good that way. :)

bridget {bake at 350} said...


No, really, the times we've moved have have brought us closer as a family. AND, I think there is a good chance that they sell sweet tea there.

I remember being happily ensconced in Dallas and my hubby saying, "how do you feel about Huntsville?" Me: "Texas?" Him: "No, Alabama." That was a shocker but I made one of my very best friends there.

And then, of course, we moved here and there is this blogger next know the one. ;)

Carla said...

I'd like to tell ya, *it is ok, you can do it*, because we move every 2-3 years! But truth is... it isn't for everyone! We have been in our current city, San Antonio, for 2 years. I'm ready to go! I'd love to be more settled. I just get the *itch* every couple of years. Then I think, I'm ready to settle and stay in 1 spot...until the next time I think about it and then I'm ready to go!!! I'm sure where ever God leads your family, it will be just perfect for y'all!!!

Leslie's Sister said...

I find it interesting when people say to "hang in there". I get the image of someone holding on by the tips of their fingernails, teetering on the brink of falling. God doesn't let you fall any farther than he can catch you; which is pretty far! He has a plan for your family and even though your life is comfortable just where it is, there could (will)be greater blessings and riches in store for you there. Instead of telling you to "hang in there", I'll just say, "hold on to Him" and He'll always be there. Where ever "THERE" is.

kat said...


all i can say is just trust in the Lord, keep praying and if its Gods plan then it will be

take care


Jules said...

Everyone loves a good ole boy ;)
Good for you standing by your man and being open to possibly having to step out of your zone and do something major and scary. I promise everything will work out. You may even get there and wonder why the heck you didn't move sooner!
Good luck (=

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

That's lovely. I always thought I was a go with it kind of person who trusted in God, but I now realize that all these years I've just been expecting to God to work with my plan.

We're in a kind-of similar, but backwards, situation. We've been living 'here' for 6 years but feel it's not where we're supposed to be. So we've decided to finish up our household renovations and fix ups, put the house on the market and see where God leads us. I trust and feel He has great things in store for us if we will just follow Him.

Anonymous said...

What a good wife you are. One of the hardest parts of marriage for me is allowing my husband to do the leading (especially when my track record is nearly 99% right, not that I'm bragging).

Kristen, you know I live in Maine- far, far away from family, in a lifestyle that is about completely the opposite of the one I grew up in or expected to have. But blessings abound. I would have never known the glories of simpler living (which I suspect you already lean toward).

This will be fine. It will be hugely exciting and rewarding. I can't wait to hear what happens.

Michelle said...

We went through this earlier this year. God has a plan for your families life. He is in control. If it is meant to be it will happen if not it won't.

Good luck!

Jen @ After The Alter said...

What a tough situation! In my marriage I am the one who would like to move and find a new place and my husband is the one who loves where we live and has had the same friends since high school...for now, I look at it as he is the main bread winner of our family and he needs to be fulfilled and happy at his job. And right now he I have to support him and allow him to be happy. It's very scary to make a big move like that...but if he does get the job...keep in mind that no matter what you have eachother and that's what counts.

Audra said...

I've been in your same position several times - granted, BEFORE children. Each time, I reluctantly went on the roller coaster of where we may live. Each time we were fantastically blessed. We have lived in PA, TN, NE, and WV. God brought us back "home" and blessed us with a wonderful son and great church family. God wants to stretch you in order to bless you more. Hang in there!

Rachel in KCMO said...

The Lord will provide.... He will provide a home for you to decorate, strength to make the move, wisdom to decide what to do, a great school nearby for your children, patience for the wait, and a paper bag for you to breathe into! You will be fine. Your husband will be fine. Your children will be fine. Hold Jesus near, for He ALONE knows what (y)our future holds. It will work out the way it is supposed to. Hang in there! I will pray for you!

The Glamorous Life Assoc. said...

I have moved cross country 3 times for my husbands career. Once with a 6 week old baby, once with a 1yr old and 3 yr old and once (the last move and the hardest) after my oldest had started Elementary school. Each time I was proud to know I did it with a smile on my face for my husbands sake. I was proud he had a job AT ALL.

And moving? Oh you can do it. It is equally hard and amazing. Fun and frustrating. But mostly? Its an adventure...and adventure you will take TOGETHER. And there is nothing better than that...

I am prayin it goes...either way for you. Because either way? You have plenty to celebrate.



Virtual Teacher Collaboration said...

Just make sure there is a CFA nearby. That would be a sad waste of sweet tea!

Lynn said...

God is teaching me some lessons in this arena right now too. Can't wait to read about the interview. Do they know his wife if famous? might help. ;o)

Bobbie said...

t get those sunflower seeds out of my husband's mouth either!!

Team Pipkin said...

about 10yrs ago i followed my hubby for his job. we moved our two little boys three hours away from family. we knew no one here. but in time, we made friends and joined the soccer community. now our oldest is 17 and graduating from a good high school here, the 14yo is a freshman and home-schooled and now we have a 4yo daughter. not sure where god will lead us next. living in california we would love to move closer to the beach. i'm always up for a new adventure. it might be scary not knowing anyone.
i pray that it all works out for your family.

Deeb said...

I've been there, more than once, what keeps me sane is the bible. Ruth left with Namoi, Abraham left all his family, Joseph survived, Mary left on a donkey in the last months of pregnancy (when doctors tell you not to go anywhere! :), all of these and more had God's blessing on their lives. They not only survived, but flourished. (Not to say that you are not going to go through the grieving process, it tends to happen with women and has happened with each move for me)
Also from experience, when Daddy's happy, everyone is happy. When Hubby is feeling satisfied with his job then things at home just seem to come to an even better place than you ever thought possible. I would do it all over again for my family in a heartbeat, it changed things for good. And things weren't bad before! It was just a different feeling for him to be more fulfilled with life I guess. Blessings on your family, I enjoy your blog so much!

Anonymous said...

A message from our preacher today: God LEADS, Satan PUSHES. Obviously you are being led at this point. Keep your eyes on Him, and follow His lead. Remember, whether you stay or go, He will go before you and already knows the future. Rest comfortably in that assurance :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you write about your husband and your marriage. It's so very encouraging and honorable.

Our family has been experiencing an uncertain period this year and I've held fast to the knowledge that no matter what happens, as long as we're together, it will all be OK.


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Goodness...I shoulda known you were from Texas.

We are that family...from California who are Texas wannabees. I guess you could call us Texifornians.

Wish I knew that about you this summer when we were visiting the Lonestar state for the 2nd time in three years. The reason we aren't moving there is well, my husband doesn't have a job.

If your husband doesn't get his, maybe he could put in a good word for Paul.


Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

I'm sure you've had tons of encouragement, but I just wanted to give you a bit more. I stood by my man and we moved half-way across the country... and back again. Definitely worth the experience. And IMO, if it happens, moving your kids schools mid-year is much better than during summer. They would still have time to make new friends before summer begins. Whereas if you move in the summer, they are kind of stuck.

Praying for you today. I know it's nerve wracking.

Anonymous said...