The Spring

She leaned over the edge and peered into the deep, blue water. I could read the uncertainty and anxiety on her pudgy face.

She looked back at me for reassurance and I pointed to the fountain on the shallow shelf of the pool.

My two year old smiled. And she stepped into the water......

We were at my parent's pool just a few miles from home. My toddler's fear of the deep water kept her close to my side, but she loved the sparkling fountain on the pool's ledge. 

I smiled as I watched her try to stop the water shooting from the spring.

She used her bright green bucket to catch the forceful flow. She giggled and clapped.

The fountain was safe.

I laughed at the look on her face when she sat upon the rush of water.

She asked to go potty.  

I pointed to the grass. (Oh, like you wouldn't do the same).......

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