I'm a Mom

When I first started birthing babes, I was shocked at how hard it was to juggle everything.

I'm not just talking about play dates, housework and school projects.

I mean literally, juggling a diaper bag, a 100-pound baby carrier, not including a baby who's thighs resemble a small Sumo wrestler, a purse, all while trying to keep your two year old from scraping gum off the concrete.

I've always thought that with the title Mother, we should also grow an extra appendage or two. Because, seriously, an extra arm would come in handy when I'm stirring dinner, loading the dishwasher, calling out multiplication facts, stepping over the mock kitchen my toddler has created underfoot, and paying bills online-simultaneously

In one day, I accomplish more than some small companies. Heck, I am a small company.

I've spent a combined total of nearly 40 hours in labor, delivering more than 20 pounds of human.

And I'll be honest, when someone has the nerve to ask me in a tone, "What do you do all day?"

I've decided this will be my forever answer:

"I'm a Mom. What's your superpower?"

Mothering is a labor of love! 

Happy Labor Day, y'all!

(Tell me how much time in labor and combined birth weights you've had in the comment section)

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