DIYP-Another Chalkboard Project

I know. I'm losing it. Someone, please commit me.

To padded -chalkboard walls.

I can't help myself. I love chalkboard paint!

I found this ugly tray for $1 at a garage sale (there was a price tag on the back for $19.99! I pity the poor soul who paid that much!)

Since I already had some half-used cans of spray paint and chalkboard paint, I'm pretty sure this is the cheapest DIY project I've ever done.

And they say money can't buy happiness. P'shaw.

I primed the tray and after it dried, I spray painted it with a Satin Ivory:

Already looks better, huh?

I used a sponge brush and applied several coats of chalkboard paint.

So easy.

And now if could just have the message on the board come true!

When repurposing an item for a chalkboard:
  • Look at the shape of the item.
  • Don't let the material scare you away. You can paint over old art, metal, mirrors, plastic, anything!
  • Prime first.
  • Use a sponge brush to apply chalkboard paint
  • Be brave and have fun! You can NEVER have too many chalkboards!
I stumbled upon a package of chalkboard wallpaper at a discount store for $5 a package: 

I've been wanting to try this out and I had the perfect spot for it: the inside doors to my craft cabinet. (Yes, I know it's a mess, it's on my to do list!)



Seriously, I applied this stuff in two minutes flat! I think it's great and it was a lot easier than paint, but not as cheap.

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