2nd Blogoversary

Mark your calendars:

In celebration of my pending Blogoversary, I've made a couple of changes:  Every time you refresh my blog, 1 of 4 rotating headers appear in random order. (My hubby and I were high-fiving each other late last night when we figured out how to design and rotate our homemade headers all by ourselves. I think we deserve a cookie!)

So. If you're reading this in a reader, click over and refresh away!

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22! It's my 2 year Blogoversary and we're celebrating! I'll be hosting a Carnival (with a MckLinky). Link up your THAT family stories--you know the ones, the ER visits, the tantrums in Target, the gum-eating-off-the-floor in WalMar--everyone who links, will be entered to win a very special Grand Prize. There will be TWO winners!!

Oh, and just a hint on the super, fabulous Grand Prize for the Blogoversary Carnival next month, one word: C_ _K_E

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