When You Lose a Pet

Easter 2009-August 29, 2009

One of our two cats ran out the front door a month ago and hasn't returned. 

Our kids have been on the lookout for weeks and are still hopeful. I am not.

And then, we discovered our rabbit dead in our backyard this weekend.

At first, I wanted to tell my kids it ran away too, but decided against it because they are still dealing with the cat's unknown future and are constantly looking out for her.

So, we told them the truth.

And the truth hurts. 

I don't think we handled it so well because somehow they got the impression we're getting a horse.

How do you handle the death of a pet (or how was it handled when you were a child?)
What do you say? Do you always tell the whole truth or is it a gray area for you?

Ike's all we have left now:

He's being treated like a special guest.

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