WFMW-My Favorite Parenting Tool

If I had to choose one parenting tool to use from birth throughout school, I know exactly what it would be:

A nursery monitor.

Oh, sure, it's helpful when you relinquish that new baby to her own bed. It's a great aid for listening to your toddler during nap time while they don't nap.

But I enjoy using the baby monitor long after my kids are babies. 

I leave the receiver turned on in my room all the time. (And you don't have to spend a fortune to get a decent monitor! Mine was a hand-me-down from a friend and is at least 8 years old! It's just an average brand from WalMart). 

My three children's rooms are upstairs and the monitor picks up every argument, every secret plan to toss stuffed animals over the balcony, and every grumpy complaint muttered under the breath of the 'tween in the house. 

But most importantly, it picks up the quiet. The stillness of a toddler getting into her sister's lipstick or the sneakiness of a boy experimenting with model airplane glue. 

And sometimes, I hear my kids playing nicely together. It's music to my ears.

I have stopped catastrophes in mid-crisis. And I owe it all to a couple of 9 volt batteries.  I laughed to myself when I read this month's Family Fun magazine when a parent sent in this idea for monitoring outdoor fun with a baby monitor as well!

I plan on stocking up on batteries during the teen years.

P.S. My kids are fully aware of the monitor on my bathroom counter. I don't consider this act "spying" on them at all! I would never hide it in their rooms to be secretive....

Nursery monitors work for me!

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