The Silver Lining {Giveaway}

*UPDATED with WINNERS* Congrats to Alisa of The Sweet Life
and to Lori of Building Our Nest! Congrats, ladies!

My daughter is a lot like me. 

She is socially reserved. She does better in small groups and makes a few lifelong friends, rather than dozens. (She also loves sweet tea, so she's obviously inherited my advanced taste buds).

Last year when she entered the third grade, she had one prayer: a best friend.

God answered that prayer swiftly and beautifully. She was given a precious friend who also shares her fourth grade class, her love for make-believe, her aptitude for reading and a half-dozen other things. It makes my heart smile to see these girls together, it's a silver lining in my life because iron sharpens iron.

And as if that wasn't blessing enough, I'm friends with her mom and we share so many of the same ideals in raising our kids with strong character.

The other day after a play date, I shopped my friend's dining room table (I love friends with adorable things to sell!) She hosts lovely jewelry shows and sells online jewelry at A Touch of Silver. The jewelry is very fun and extremely affordable!

She is offering two $25 gift certificates to 2 readers today!

Don't you like what I bought? (I got two necklaces, two pairs of matching earrings and that big chunky cross for less than $50!) Here are some other great sets.

What do you like? Please visit her store and tell me. Your comment is your entry.

This giveaway will close on Thursday.

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