My Fathers are My Heroes

After a recent trip, I needed to spend some serious time communing with my laundry room. It's my least favorite part of vacation.

Well, that and the vacation being over. 

I was chatting on the phone with my mom about the trip when I turned the corner to the laundry room. I stopped in my tracks. My declawed cat had cornered this:

(I'm talking about the snake coiled on my floor, not the hair and goldfish crumbs that my camera captured so beautifully).

I grabbed a nearby broom, urging the cat away and then, I SCREAMED LIKE A GIRL.

Because y'all, there was a SNAKE ON MY FLOOR.

{To read the rest of the story, please visit (in)courage. This is my first post over there among some amazing women and I need to feel the love, y'all. Especially since I'm probably the only one to show my dirty floor, among other things!}

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