Another Post About Dung

Remember when I wrote this post about our family motto being number one in the number two business?

With this picture?

Well. The fine people who turn poop in profit, manure into moo-nure, emailed me.

Yes, clearly, I have reached celebratory status.

They wanted to thank me for my funny post and asked if they could send my hubby and I a couple of t-shirts with their company logo.

Y'all. Just between us, this thrilled my hubby. He even wore his shirt on the airplane ride to his 20th high school reunion!

We are simple people.

So. The moral to this story? Companies are reading what we blog about! 

That's why I'd like to talk about how MUCH I LOVE DISNEY!

And how I would blog for sweet tea, hello Chic Fil A....

(hee hee).

What is the company that you'd love to hear from? It doesn't hurt to dream!

Have a happy weekend, y'all!

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