WFMW-This Tip Might Just Change Your Life

It's summer.

The hot dog consumption in my house is high.

I think this tip has changed my laundry life. It's certainly reduced my stain-induced stress.

When serving your child their favorite meal (a.k.a hotdogs and ketchup), put the ketchup UNDER the hotdog.

So, to clarify: 
  • Step one: Apply ketchup to bun.
  • Step two: Place hotdog ON TOP OF ketchup.
  • Step three: When child drops their entire plate on the ground, their white shirt will stay clean.
  • Step four: If this is your third child, blow dirt off said hotdog and enjoy.
Note to self: Why is my child wearing white?

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  38. Italian Zuchinni Pie
  39. TrenchMommy w / Tea Tree Oil & Ants
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  75. Mothers Hideaway blog!
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  84. 4 Sweet Sisters - Shower Spray
  85. 4 Sweet Sisters - My 1st Quilt!
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  88. Elaine H Its a dogs life
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  91. Saving Money Ideas - Meadow Tea Concentrate
  92. Sorta Fairy Tale Mom (Coupon Binder)
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  105. Michelle @ Delightful Learning - Make your own whiteboard
  106. Free Audiobook Reseources & Giveaway
  107. OUT OF DEEP WATERS (alternative to overnight diapers)
  108. Amazon Subscribe - BerryMorins Bits and Tips
  109. Be Home Happy (baby wipes)
  110. Organize Stuffed Animals
  111. Its Frugal Being Green (Homemade Face Body and Foot Scrubs)
  112. Joyfully Seeking (homemade iced capp)
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  114. easy yummy cool summer treats!
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  119. Garibay Soup {My advice with babies . . . the EASY Schedule}
  120. Beulah (Using Heels)
  121. Living Locurto (Easy No Sew T - shirt Craft)

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