WFMW: Helpful Tips for Shopping Online

I love to shop. 

I won't lie. I like to search for bargains, score deep-discounted items and taunt my savvy victories in the face of those who paid full price.

And you thought I was nice. 


But sometimes, I need a specific item or getting out to shop with three kids isn't convenient. (Okay, it's never convenient. But sometimes the Target end cap entices me and I must heed the call).

I'm getting ready for back to school and I've purchased my kid's backpacks, lunch boxes, school supplies and a few new outfits all online, and all at a discount.

[And I'm trying really hard not to do a victory dance right now].

Here are my tips:
  1. Shop the clearance at major online stores like Target and WalMart.
  2. Google 'coupon codes' for your favorite stores. I find that about 70% of the time, these codes are valid!
  3. Use free shipping codes or search for stores that offer shipping discounts.
  4. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. 
  5. Take advantage of sites like Shop Smart that do a lot of the hard work for you and offer a rundown of slashed prices.
  6. Tweet about what you're looking for! I've been sent coupon codes by followers and even discount codes by businesses!
Got more shopping tips? Share them, please!

Thank you for joining me for WFMW! {You can read the guidelines here.}

Have a Works-For-Me Wednesday tip you'd like to share? I'd love for you to join us! Please note that the links will close at 9 pm CST tonight, in order to keep away the spammers!

Don't forget that NEXT WEEK, there will be a "Back to School" themed edition of WFMW! Link up your best tip concerning kids and school-homeschooling, riding the bus, getting lunches ready, etc!

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