To Make a Long Story Longer

In the interest of being completely random, I've decided to give you an update on some of the things I've written about or get regular questions concerning. 

Why, yes, it is your lucky random day.

  • How is your toddler doing in a big girl bed and did you ever take her pacifier away? The bed transition went really well for the first month. But we've been on a steady decline ever since. I think she's clued into the fact that we don't want her to potty in her bed and clearly she'd rather sit on the commode for 40 minutes before she actually slumbers. (All suggestions welcome).  As for her pacifier, it's gone! But we killed the habit slowly. We only let her use it in her bed and then we gradually let her use it every other night, until it lost it's appeal entirely. I'm writing a book about it (just kidding).

  • How are your Russian friends from (The Persecuted Church) doing? They are doing good. Please keep them in your prayers. They will be traveling home at the end of July. And the African violets, while technically still alive, could use some encouragement.

  • What happened with the squirrels and your garden? Funny you should ask. The squirrels proved to be no match for our cunning intellect and strength (plastic fencing around vegetables). But our tiny vegetable patch has been abused by too much rain in the beginning and now too much sun. But it's like the little engine that could!
For example, feast your peepers on this harvest:

Split 5 ways
  • Whatever happened to your Venus Fly Trap? In a word, Dead.  We'll leave it at that.

  • Did you ever follow thru with your MRI? Yes. It was seriously very scary for me. It turns out that the term Open MRI, isn't so open. But I did it. My doctor read the results and it looks like I have some structural damage to my spine. There are some temporary pain relief options, but they are very temporary. In order to correct the problems, I need two surgeries, one on my neck, the other on my lower back. I haven't made any decisions yet, but I am getting a second opinion. 

  • How's your rabbit doing? Considering you can fry an egg on the bunny's cage in the blazing Texas sun, he's doing very well. 

  • What are you thinking about RIGHT NOW? (Okay, technically, no one asked this, but I want to share the beautiful image in my mind:

Did I forget anything? Got any questions? Fire away.

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