I Hope This is Developmental

When my hubby called to ask how my day was going, I responded, "The two-and-a-half year old is in rare form."

"That's the third time you've said that this week," he responded.

I think rare form may be the new normal.

And I am scared.

My son said the other day, "Mom, you've had two 2 year olds before, you know what to do. Right?"

Good question.

But my 7 and 9 year old traveled thru the 2's unscathed. They were typical, but they didn't get into things like their little sister.

And by things I mean, just last week, I've caught her painting her own toes, busting an ink pen in her mouth, stuffing gobs of toilet paper down the potty, spreading sunscreen on the floor and playing in paint.

Believe it or not, I do watch her. But the girl is quick and quiet, which turns out to be a messy combination.

She's also chosen "NOOO!! My do it!" screamed at the top of her lungs, as her new favorite phrase.

That wouldn't be my first choice.

There also might be some hitting and kicking going on.

So. basically, what I'm trying to tell you is the 2's are kicking my butt.

I'm doing my best teaching her character, trying to be consistent with discipline and showing her who's the boss.

But, honestly, I hope this is developmental.

(Any advice would be appreciated!)


Kim said...

You're not alone! My 2yr old's fave saying right now is "No waaaaay!" whenever she doesn't like what she's hearing. Your girl may get into mischief, but she also sounds like she's creative and independent and those are great qualities in a little lady (even though said qualities drive Moms a bit crazy sometimes...)

Jeni said...

I think I could've written this post, except for the fact that my 2yo is my firstborn.

And we are THAT family - who had to forcibly remove said 2yo from worship yesterday - during communion, no less - with her screaming, "NO! NO! NO!" at the top of her lungs.

Just me said...

Yes, it's developmental. She's testing boundaries. She's also learning how things work. Consistency is the key, and related consequences will help a lot. By that I mean that if she makes a mess, she either has to clean it up (with your help, probably), or sit in time-out and watch you clean it up. That kind of thing.

Also, pay attention to what kinds of things she's getting into. You might be able to curb the behavior by showing her things she IS allowed to do. Like, if she is making a mess with paint, give her an area where she can paint all she wants on big sheets of paper. And look at what else is going on when she gets into these things. Does it happen more on days when you don't play outside as much? (That's a big trigger at our house.) Does it happen more right before naptime, or while she's waiting for a meal? There might not be a pattern, but if there is, that can help you get ahead of her before she gets into something.

Hang in there. She'll outgrow it. In the meantime, it might help to think that all this means she's going to be incredibly creative and independent when she grows up. :)

Teri Lynne said...

No real advice just a big ((((HUG))). One book I found especially useful during this stage with my daughter who we termed "Denise the Menace" was "Making the Terrible Twos Terrific" by Dr. John Rosemond.

Don't get discouraged! I remember praying that my daughter would have strong character and be sure of herself ... that stage (and yes I assure you it is one!) was a part of learning to manage those very good attributes!

And, when all else fails ... just join the craziness and scream out "My way!" It will at least cause her to stop and look at you for a minute like you are crazy. :-)

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Seth came home the other day, and I told him the my 2 yo won. He beat me fair and square. I'll be keeping up with suggestions here, because I'm in the same place.

Mrs. Organic said...

You've got a future artist on your hands. Give her lots of opportunities to play and experiment with a variety of mediums (sand, paints, shaving cream, pudding, bubbles, play-do).

christina-defining moments said...

When my little girl was 2 I had the hardest time! I had another one 16 months younger and my husband was deployed to Ieaq. During the course of a couple of weeks, she painted a wall and her sister, drew on herself with a sharpie, opened a child proof lid of glaze for the wall and washed the carpet with it, washed her hair with sunscreen, fingerpainted with ranch dressing, and I know I have forgotten some things. I too watched her but she found the moments I was cooking or using the bathroom to be as destructive as possible! She is 6 now and not nearly as in to everything! Just wait it out!

Carrie said...

This sounds like my house...2 boys - 7 and 9, and a daughter - 3 years old instead of 2. She is way more "into things" than her brothers ever were. I think 3 is way worse than 2. She is more stubborn, more mouthy, and more independent.

Sorry...I guess I have no words of advice...I'm still trying to figure it out for myself! Hang in there!

Debbie said...

Oh yes - the adventures in mothering. BOTH of my girls have been like this - at different times. And now one will egg on the other... Quiet and fast - and my mommy radar has been slower of late. Praying for you - with you. =)
My philosophy: Keep the cleaners & sharp things locked up and most of the rest just needs to be cleaned up... Or plunged. Or thrown away...

SmockLady said...

I take such a different approach to the two's than anyone else I know. I guess for those that know me, that's no big deal. I love the two's! Yes, they make messes, they start talking back, but they are learning. I'll tell you right now that I am not a spanker, but that does not mean that we do not discipline. I want to make that very clear. Our children are really awesome, but they are children. Our approach to parenting is one of attachment parenting and Grace.

I think as far as your two year old goes what you have is a very tactile child; she must do and touch and experience to learn. That does make for some very rough times during the two's. It will get better. I promise. We are on our 6th two year old. Our second child was my hardest and the one I shared many tears over, but he's a really awesome young man. He's on his way to being an Eagle Scout and is really awesome with his hands and doing/making/creating things.

I think your little one is trying her darnedest to find out how things work, what happens when she does this or that. She needs to touch and feel and learn by doing. It is these children that are the hardest on us moms because that means as moms we need to spend more time helping them develop that learning style in the right environment - with us, most of the time? In other words a lot of time needs to be spent with her. Don't misinterpret that: I am NOT saying you do NOT spend enough time with her; I am merely suggesting that the time you spend with her may need to be altered (just give it a try) - playdough, finger paint, sand box, add rice or sand to the finger paints and playdough, go to a fabric store and get some different scraps of fabric (sating, flannel, corduroy, fleece, etc.), get diff sand paper types and such other tactile things and make (with her) alphabet cutouts, and play with those. I could go one and one with various things, but this is long enough for a comment.

hawkeyejlp said...

Oh my, I've been there. Four is SO much better. (Three also kicked my butt, I am sorry to say.) It IS developmental, say yes as much as you can, pray a lot and hold on for the ride!!

Amanda said...

I haven't reached the 2's yet, so I'll be reading all the advice as well! Just keep praying and continue what you're doing. She'll grow out of it!

Stephanie said...

I've done all of the above listed suggestions and all I can say is consistency is the key! Easy for me to say I know. But we have one left to go through that stage and already at 16 months she's starting to assurt her will strongly. I'm afraid...very afraid. So I don't give advice from one mom to another...I give it as one who needs to hear it too. So consistency...that and take lots of pictures. That's my motto.

Peterson Family said...

I tell everyone that had my youngest child been the first child that he would have been an ONLY child. I found him on top of the refrigerator one day and when I got him down he was screaming "No, me Spiderman!". Yeah, the 2's kicked my butt too!

Rachel said...

Be glad she's not twins...

I've got twin 2 yo boys...after 3 girls (now 9,7,and 5). The boys are harder than the girls were, hands down.

But my girls all did things like that (my oldest one, in particular, had fun in the weeks before her younger sister was born--ink pads, light bulbs, glue, vaselineeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-(
All in a week. Lord, have mercy...).

GL. Hold on tight. And I hope you're not prone to seasickness, cause I think the circles she's spinning you in, might end up causing some serious motion sickness....

Just Breathe said...

No advice. It's just so funny.
You want her to be head strong.
When my daughter was little the doctor said we should be able to reason with her when she was 3.
I think that he meant 30 so I have two more years to go. Good luck!

Tiff said...

My advice? Pray until it is over! Ha!!! Poor thing...all that during one week! I have had those moments with my little one but not so sure all in one week! Good luck! LOL!!!

Kristy K said...

My third is also 2 and he's giving me a run for my money. I can put my finger on what exactly is different about him, but he's more active, more curious, more stubborn, etc... But he's also the most cuddly :). Wish I had some advice, but I'm there with you. My 2-year-old also prefers nakedness to wearing clothing in almost every situation. That alone is turning all of my hair gray.

Nancy M. said...

My youngest son is almost 2 and he's already into everything! He is pulling stuff out, like the toilet paper, or things from the pantry. He tries to eat lotion, and is naked most of the time. It's amazing how brothers can be so different. His brother was so much easier at this stage. But, eventually, it will pass, and hopefully we will survive!

Manda said...

oh man! she sounds JUST like my 2 year old!!!!! when i say just, i really mean it! mine loves to repeat everything, but with my name in it. she knows plugs are no-nos, but shes testing me- this morning she woke up before me and i awoke to her plugging in and unplugging my cell phone charger next to my bed. i said, 'no, don't touch!' and took it away from her, and she yelled, 'no mommy, don't touch it mommy!!!' she doesn't get that she has different rules from us!!! ahhh!!! i hope it gets better... :) give her baby wipes and show her how to clean stuff, and encourage her to wash her hands with squirty soap... that gives mine a release for 'messy' stuff sometimes! i don't care if she washes her hands 10 times and stands at the sink and uses up half the soap bottle sometimes if it means i can get the dishes done!!!! lol. :)

Just Us said...

i have one like that... i feel like she is just extremely creative - she thinks of ways to get into things that the other kids don't. she is getting better now, finally, at 3 1/2 but it was really starting to scare me there for awhile.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Good luck! I think my second daughter is heading in that direction too...

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I have no advice, but I'm SO with you. My four-year-old and 1-1/2 year old are constantly into something: no matter how vigilant I think I'm being, they manage to sneak under my radar. I feel your pain!

Jodi said...

She sounds just like my 2 1/2 year old, who is currently singing a song about a "deep, deep hole" while using the couch as a piece of gymnastic equipment. I've caught her climbing the bookcases, sitting on top of the kitchen counter, and painting the wall with my nail polish. (This was all last week.) This is one reason she is currently my only child; I have to get her to a point where I can leave her alone for more than 30 seconds without an ER visit.
She's also refusing to answer to anything except "Little Doggie" for some reason.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Been there, done that, I have the t-shirt! :) My 2 1/2 yr old is the same way and I just keep saying, what did I eat, what did I eat while I was pregnant, because he is sooo different from the others.

He has also cost us a little money to repair some of the "damage" he has done.

Pray, be consistent, pray and 3 will be here before you know it. Oh and keep journaling these days w/ her. At least that I what I keep telling myself. :)

MahoneyMusings said...

Three words.

Hide. All. Scissors.

I have 4 children, 17, 14, 7 and just turned 3. The first three were pretty typically 2/3 year olds...but our 3 year old sounds just like your youngest. I have my ECE and I'm STILL flabbergasted at what she manages to get into!

She recently gave herself a mullet.


The one thing I take comfort in is that all her mischief isn't trying to be 'naughty' but is being 'inquisitive'. She's the child who will take 30 minutes to walk one block because she's finding rocks and ants and leaves and birds and a ton of other stuff that I wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't pointed them out. She stops to smell the roses, so to speak. I love that about her!

And as my Husband says, "At least she gives you lots of blogging material."

MommaJen said...

feeling your pain and I hate to tell you, but with our youngest, 3 was really worse than 2. I think they are all different and I do know that those children who don't "comply" with everything have something special to offer! Perhaps, she will be a great artist or inventor! Hang in there!

marty39 said...

Sounds pretty normal. Just pray for the 3's. Hugs, Marty

Brandi said...

I read somewhere that kids that get into stuff like that are really smart (not that your other kids aren't really smart because it sounds like your son and my son could go into business together and be millionaires by the time they were 10). My oldest did the "No! I do." Drove me crazy. But, he was easily distracted and it was all about redirection. It'll pass. . . eventually. :)

Wade's World said...

Don't feel too bad. The 2's are kicking my butt too!

Dorci said...

I have a 20-year old son and a 17-year old son. When the oldest was a baby/toddler/young boy, he gave me no problems. He would wake with a smile on his sweet, little, serene face, and for a while would call from his bed and ask, yes I said ask, if he could get up now.

When the younger one was a toddler/young boy, he would rip paper, cups, labels, draw on furniture and cut up anything he could. I could not let that boy out of my sight.

The funny thing is, they have somehow reversed their roles. Not that the other rips and draws, but he's the one who can find trouble to get into and the younger, while he still has a penchant for ripping things every now and then, is the one who is more docile. Go figure.

So I say, hang in there. She may end up being most responsible one of the bunch. :)

C-re said...

I've got nothing for ya except to say you are not alone! I've got a 3.5 yr old (who said 2's were worse?) whose favorite things to say are "You don't tell me what to do" and "You're not my boss" and a 2 yr old who likes to say "Hush mama" and "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" all the time. How I'll survive these 2 and talk hubby into #3 is beyond me at this point!

JenT said...

All I can say is stay consistent. Stick to your guns, Mama! Seriously just remember that "this too shall pass". I'm on my 8th 2 year old. Her favorite words are "shut-up" and "no". Go figure.

Beth S. said...

Sorry...I can't help you. I have one of these little, I mean CUTIES of my own! I swear that her ornery-ness is affected by the full moon! She usually has a 3 0r 4 day streak where I just can't keep up with all of her antics. Then she settles down (a little, not completely). Just when I think she is growing out of this phase, the moon is full again and my 2 yr old wherewolf/toddler rares her head again! Once, she not only tried painting her toes with nail polish, she also thought that bright pink color would look great on her feet, hands, face, mouth & yes, even her two front teeth! She is quiet and sneaky, too. It usually takes me a minute to realize that she's TOO quiet, and by then it's too late! Let me know if you figure her out...I could use some advice, too!

Oh yeah...and her favorite thing to say is "Mommy...I have a surprise for you!" while hiding something behind her back. Those are scary words coming from a 2-yr. old!!!!

kahlanne said...

I wish I could help but I am dealing with the terrible 2s that lead right into 3s. it has got to get better soon, right?

Sara said...

Sounds like a future scientist in the making. Next stop, NASA!
Also, the 2's didn't kill me, but the 3's nearly did. Four. Different. Times.

Chele said...

Bless your heart! I have been there. With 4 children (the youngest 3 years old), they all are different. They have all done something different that really made me question. All you can do is pray! I can do that for you too! Praying for patience and peace for Mom and some self control for Mom's two year old! :)

Amy said...


I think they are just wired this way :)

My only advice is give it time sorry :(

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

so hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm just thanking God it's not only my 2 yo acting that way! This whole "messy" phase we're going through (fingernail paint, yogurt painting, spilling mild, etc.) is making me feel mediocre on my good days (and worse than that on the bad days!). . .it will get better. . .it will get better. . .it will get better. . .

Jamie said...

I think each kid goes through a terrible phase. My oldest's was three. She was awful, but she was sweet as pie when she was two. The middle one hasn't been very terrible yet, so I'm thinking it might be three for her too.

becca said...

My first was like that. She was THE easiest baby known to mankind. Slept all the time, was happy wherever she was. She NEVER cried. Then came the toddler years. She was a hellion. It began at around 16 months, right when #2 was born. I don't think that had a thing to do with it... that's just when her mobility caught up with her curiosity. She would nap happily, wake up dirty, and then strip... and get creative. I'll leave it at that. She was a tornado anywhere she went. And #3 came before she turned 3. It was an insane time. But 3 was the magic age for her. She became the best behaved little girl at that point and has remained it ever since (she's now 10). So there is hope :) said...

I think it has everything to do with being the third. Because I am right there with you in the butt getting kicked world. And sad part is, she turns turn 2 for a few more weeks!!

MissMeliss said...

awwww!!! well, I "hear" it is just a stage!! ;-) we haven't hit that part yet, but i learned with my nephew he didn't have the terrible 2's he had the terrible 3's!!! so, i'm going to wait to see how we fair over the next year! LOL

you WILL get through this! :)


MissMeliss said...

ps. Mia does say "i do myself" a lot... but she hasn't gotten quite as, um, creative as yours!!! ;-)

Eden said...

Sounds like I'm not alone with my 2 1/2 yr old daughter! She has twins everywhere. So no advice from me just total empathy. Princess2 is so much more curious, adventurous and DANGEROUS than Princess1 (now 6). But I see so much talent - she's already an engineer, a gymnast and dancer. I just pray every day that she doesn't kill herself with these adventures of hers.

Tara said...

When were you in my house? My two year old's favorite is "absowooty not!". It is really absowooty hilarious! :) For now anyway.

Samvach said...

I would try to give her as many opportunities to play in messy things as you possibly can. Two of my three LOVED to get into everything. Here are some of the things I used to do:
*spread shaving cream on the table and let them play in that
*play-doh, play-doh, play-doh
*run a sink of soapy water to wash dolls in
*foam paint
*bathtub paint and bath crayons
*finger paint
*bubble paint outside
*salt dough clay
*play in a dishpan of rice or beans

Providing tons and tons of opportunities to be messy when it is OK should help curb the getting into messy things that you don't want her to.

Her explorations are a wonderful sign that she will be incredibly creative!

Stefani said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any great advice for you during the 2 year phase. My girls both waited until they were 3 to see if they could drive me insane. :)

Hang in there girl! This too shall pass.

Monica said...

WOW..I just had this same conversation with my niece last week!
I have four children...two were typical as you described of your older children...and two were as you describe your youngest.
What you have is "the strong willed child" it is exhausting...but it is also a good thing. I bet you will find as she gets older that she is has above average intelligence and is independent. It will get easier as she gets older...but you will have to find new, interesting and different things for her to do....otherwise she will explore on her own and get into things you do not want her to get into. You will also have to pick your battles.
Here are a few sites about the strong willed child. There are also quite a few books out there that might help as well. Hang in there.

Monica said...

P.S I was just looking at the last website I listed and I am not sure that I agree with everything they are saying in the article....but most of it is pretty good.

thediaperdiaries said...

alcohol? For you, not the 2 yo. Although I wouldn't judge either way ;)

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

I she your 3rd? If so, then that's the answer. The 3rd one always kills you. I didn't believe it till I had mine. But they do grow out of it and make great companions when the others leave you.
She IS a cutie (sure, like THAT helps...).

ginger said...

Well, I have a couple of different ideas.
#1 is that the "No, my do it!" type behavior is more than likely typical 2 yr old rebellion.
#2 is like that of a couple other comments above. She is extremely tactile/kinesthetic. Moreso than most toddlers. And needs lots of stimulation. You may want to try using some of her other senses, not just touch, such as hearing. Use music to encourage her to dance/move. Let her play on a small keyboard. Give her books that have bright colors, textures, noises, & smells.
And pray for wisdom. James 1:5 is my parenting verse. "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him."

Stacy said...

Ok. I am going to be no help! HA I have twins entering into the terrible 2's in full force. THey are my 4th and 5th children but none of my others were so sneaky, quiet and rotten. Am I geting slower? I Have no idea but yesterday they took permanent marker to the piano and ATE my sponge to my clinique makeup!!!!! I used to hear moms tell these stories and think they must be terrible I'm the terrilbe parent! HAHAHA

Rena said...

Oh, sweet THAT mama, I completely understand.

I've had two previous 2 (2 1/2, whatever) year olds. They are now almost 19 and 16. BOTH girls.

But this new one is different. Completely different model. I said it long ago on the blog, she has knocked me right off my pedestal. My rule book is shredded. I'm still scratching my head.

Strong-willed. Acts like she's 16. She has even planned her "Three" birthday in which she claims she will be "16". You can read all about that in my post Sophie the Party Planner.

She argues about EV-ER-Y-THING! It's like having a teenager in a toddler's body. She tries to fix food all by herself, wants to bathe and wash her hair ALL BY HERSELF.

She tells us we are stressing her out, we are rude, NO, NO, NO! ARGGHHHH! I was an in home sitter (Nanny, as I liked to call myself and the kids did as well) for years. But again, knocked right off my pedestal.

Would you like to start a support group? Because I'm thinking we could use it. I AM SERIOUS! There's a pic somewhere on the blog with her covered in black marker. HEAVY sigh! I really think she's plotting to overthrow me.

Get back with me on that group.

Rena @

Bridget said...

I have no advice...he's 10; I've forgotten it all. But I remember this...his preschool teacher told me that she always thought the "odd years" (don't know if she meant 1 & 3 or 3 & 5) were actually worse than the terrible 2's. Sorry. ;)

Michelle said...

I love the insight from your 7 and 9 year olds. Nothing special here to say. I hope it passes quickly. My oldest had terrible 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 and has calmed down every year since. He was also a VERY easy baby. I figure you can't have an easy baby and an easy toddler and no toddler is that easy.

Donna@Donna's Days said...

She's got older siblings to keep up with mom!!

{{{hugs}}} Been there myself. Actually, still going through it...DD3 is 8 and still trying to keep up with the big sisters...sigh.

meg said...

Sure just helps to know your not alone. :)

Cindy said...

I have one that sounds just like yours--quick and quiet. One morning while I was in the shower and his dad was sitting in the recliner in the living room, he slid right past Daddy into the pantry and got virtually all of the carbohydrates off the shelf--bread, rice cakes, breakfast bars, cereal...and started eating!

Here's a cute photo of another "incident:"

I can sympathize. Just be consistent and try to laugh about most of it. :)

mom 2 many said...

My mom says if my younger sister was born 1st, she wouldn't have me and my older sister....
guess that is why your 2 yr old was born last.
Will there be more?? LOL???
Good Luck!!!

Maria said...

I know it's not now, but years from now when she's dating this is going to be GREAT stories. : )
This too shall pass. Be strong

The Martin Family said...

My husband and I agree...this is why God makes them cute.

My first said, "SELF!!! SELF!!!" all the time. It was a crack up. The reason I think she was easier is because she was my only one. I had much less on my plate. I never promised dinner, I didn't clean the house until after she was asleep, I had no other children, and I didn't do any paid or volunteer work. Now that I have more on my plate, plus two kids, I give them more opportunities to get into stuff. I'm more distracted.

In the end, I agree with other moms who say give them lots of opportunities to be messy. Mine is particularly fond of filling the sink with water and soap. One time I found an inch of water on the bathroom floor as a result of her enthusiastic splashing. At least it was a clean mess. But she's eaten markers and painted the couch too.

For me, I hate the mess, but I hate the attitude more. And for me, that's the difference between 2 and 3. Can't trust them at 2...but want to smack them at 3. So I'm trying to earn some good karma by not complaining about 2...I wan't to avoid the attitude of the 3s. I'll keep ya posted. :)

Cindy said...

My terrible 2's are now 26, 30 & opinion (and I REALLY believe it)is this little gal is going to be very creative like her Mom and if her Mom channels her character in the right direction(and you show every indication of doing just that)she will stand firm in what she believes in. So instill in her those important lessons...drugs are bad, sex out of marriage is not an option...etc...and her strong will, will make the correct choices. s You are doing a great job...this too will pass more quickly than you can even imagine!!

Michelle said...

I wish I had some advice. My 2 year old woke me up this morning with a bitten open glow stick bracelet... the "glow" was all over his hands.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

Thanks for being a joy to read.

Ms Sandy said...

Kristen. . .that sweet little blonde headed 2 + yr old is experiencing her world and, combined with the home filled with love that God delivered her to, she will be EXACTLY what God created her to be. Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing!!!! Can't wait to see her when school starts back up.

Kristine said...

Yes, it's developmental. She'll become a smart (although "busy") girl. And eventually not do quite as much destruction. My 2yo causes trouble when he's hungry. I've been trying to keep on top of that (he eats A LOT!).

se7en said...

Ha Ha - I had to have a whole heap of kids before I got a real "Kick my Butt" kid... My #6 has whipped me into shape better than all the rest put together... She spent her first year bringing wild animals into the house - a flock 9 wild ducks at ten months, snakes, a crow and so on... She shaved her hair off at age two (honestly only the right half of it) and just well keeps keeps on going. Just turned three and vanished into the garage for a couple of hours where she carefully took the wheels off every single bicycle. I am watching but I am thinking of lashing this one to my side until she is 18... and then heaven help the world.

Lynn said...

I thought you were going to say that was poop on her hands. We've had some blueberry poops (they're cheap and in season up here) that look like that recently. Sorry...that might have been TMI.

kp said...

with my first i thought 3 was far worse than 2 and i felt strongly that the "terrible twos" was just a myth. boy was i wrong! my number 2 child is 2 and we are in the thick of it! we spent 45 minutes this morning in and out of time out. it seems as soon as she paid the price for her infraction, she committed another. i'm exhausted and it's 9am!

Alexia said...

I'd give you some advice, but I have none! My two are just as destructive and stubborn! Although my 3yo has gotten a *little* better about getting into the really messy stuff.

KNOB said...

Montessori activities may help...get a tray, an old silver cup, some toothpaste and a little cloth or old toothbrush and let her clean the cup. Leave the tray on a shelf that she can reach and work on when she her how to put it back when she is finished. You may have to "clean" up the tray for her next use until she "gets" it.

Another activity..two small bowls with raw rice and a her how to move the rice from one bowl to the next (not A LOT of rice). Include a little whisk brush and dust pan for her to clean up what she drops.

Find a Montessori book with activities for toddlers. I love Montessori; it helps little ones to focus on activities and feel accomplished!

ScrappinAway said...

Ummm, no advice hoping to find some myself, lol! My little turned 2 a couple weeks a go and turned into a little pintsized monster! And I keep hearing that 3 is worse!? Oh, no!

Jan said...

sounds pretty normal! I think I enjoyed 3 1/2 more than 2 1/2 because they can understand and do more things- the independent streak gets stronger though!

Audrey said...

My daughter just turned 2 on Sunday. She's pretty easy so far, but she's an only child until October, so it's easier for me to focus all my attention on keeping her out of things.
Although she does give herself pedicures fairly regularly.

Luisa Fernanda Toledo said...

Yes, it IS developmental! Did you know that the "2s" are the equivalent to your baby´s teenage years? Some kids just have less (or more) trouble with those, so take heart, with this as in any other stage, it, too, shall pass.

Luisa Fernanda Toledo said...

Yes, it IS developmental! Did you know that the "2s" are the equivalent to your baby´s teenage years? Some kids just have less (or more) trouble with those, so take heart, with this as in any other stage, it, too, shall pass.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose 2-year-old says "My" instead of "I". She doesn't seem to get.

G's two favorite phrases are "My do it." and "I don't know." Equally frustrating.

But then there's the hugs and kisses, so it all evens out. :)

workoutangel said...

Don't have much advice for you, but you are NOT alone. I guess we could be sharing shoes because my 2 yr old is fast, quiet (or really loud), and in the "can do it myself" stage, too. If I don't let her do it herself, I am in BIG trouble. Thank you for the post because I feel better knowing that I am not alone!

Shannon said...

Wow! My 3 1/2 yo daughter is the same way. Sneaky and quiet - She flushed her diaper down the toilet last week! I saw the suggestion about play dough, but my girl eats it. Actually she used to put everything in her mouth, lately it's just stuff like gum off park benches, or a half-eaten lollipop she found on the slide... I also caught her jumping off the top of her dresser the other day. Her older brother never did any of that, so I was completely unprepared. Now I am pretty much humbled. Which is a good thing, right? She IS getting better, so hang in there. There is hope! :)

Shannon said...

PS - SHE is beautiful, though! Maybe you could just tie her up and look at her - with earplugs in??? JUST KIDDING!!!

TheOldPostRoad said...

My little tow-headed (now 13 year old ) looked like that at 2 and opened (very discreetly) a small bottle of red paint while in the buggy at Michaels. The clerk thought it was blood. We went back to that Michaels (in disguise) a few year later and there was a buggy still with red paint on it!! So embarrassing! When they are small, they physically 'wear you out', when they are teens, they mentally exhaust you!

Heather said...

Im praying its developmental! My 2 1/2 year old is a handful. We went over to a friends house (now my friend has a 3 year old and a 2 year old boy) and she told me she had a perfect way to keep my girl off of the stairs and stacked two gates one of top fo the other.. Basically made a gate taller my her 6 ft tall husband. So, Im sitting nursing my baby on the couch and I hear an oh darn from the hallway. My daughter had climbed up and over both gates..

Couple of days later she got into my nail polish and painted her tails and my baby's nails.. Yea, this kids going to drive me batty.

Anonymous said...