DIYP: Decorating on a Dime (or two)

My garage sale love runneth deep. I love the unknown...the next treasure around the corner.

I love what a $5 bill can buy!

Here are a few of my favorite finds so far this summer:

1. A unique $5 wicker drawer unit:

2. A $5 white cabinet for my laundry room (they were asking $8):

I added a little black paint and a red knob:

3. A unique, large $5 bird house made from scrap wood:

It makes the perfect over the toilet cabinet in my powder bathroom:

(this room is so tiny, I had to hold my camera above my head to show it off. I've got serious skills, y'all).

4. A lovely $5 glass house:

(What do you think I should put in it?)

And this next item actually cost me two $5 dollar bills, but who's counting? 

It's my favorite piece. Don't you think it has a lot of character?

It's an antique printer tray turned table. It even came with the glass on top.

What do you think I should put in all those tiny display spaces?

I'm playing along with The Nester's Price My Space. Check out her blog for more!

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