Camping Like a Family

[I ended up in Jackson, Mississippi, for the night and I have an actual boarding pass for a 7:00 AM flight home.  I am more than ready to sniff my kid's necks. Thanks for your support last night. I am never flying again. Praise the Lord, Amen.]

With all my free airport time, I decided to sort my vacation pictures and relive the last week. I dreamed about this picture all night. So, there's that.

Even though we started off our family vacation a day early in true THAT family style, it only went up from there.

Because nothing says good family fun like reconnecting with nature:

And dressing up like cowboys. It's how the west was won.

It just does the gizzard good, ya know?

(Believe me, my innards are happy seeing my little girl on her first horse. It's all she's talked about!)

We ended up doing a skit for the camp talent show. It ended up with my son playing a nekid guy. Because that's funny. (But someone forgot to tell us that the talent show involved real talent. My kids informed me afterwards they need some sort of lessons this next year. Because nekid isn't that funny.)

I watched my older children grow up before my eyes. The freedom they felt at Family Camp empowered them and it was a treat to watch their confidence rise like the sun.

My toddler loved this:

So, did my other child.

I have never felt more reconnected and refreshed with the family God has granted me. It really got me in touch with my Oriental side.

Yes, that is my toddler using the chopstick from her hair to pick the lock of our next door neighbor's cabin. 

[Funny side note: the little outfit my two year old is wearing was mine, when I was two, so, it's pretty much an antique, which was proven when she sat down at the family-style dinner and all the buttons popped off, exposing her delicious pink skin, so, of course, she removed the top and completed the meal half-dressed, and that would have been fine, but the pants started itching, so she took those off too, which would have been okay too, except that she didn't have panties on, which didn't surprise me in the least, but shockingly, it did surprise a lot of other people.]

Yes, I realize that was one sentence. I might be losing my edge.

Because you can take our family out in nature, but you can't take that family out of, well, that family.

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