BlogHer: A Photo Essay

Hi, y'all.

I feel like I've been away from my mobile home (also known as my blawg) for a lunar moon since I finished up family camp and headed to Chicago for BlogHer this weekend.

First off, I just need to get this off my chest: if you've been sitting at home wishing you were in The Windy City, I went vicariously for you and we didn't miss much.

Unless you like thousands of women you don't know vying for a swag bag filled with Tide coupons and a sample of Lee Press-On Nails or you enjoy sitting on the floor in an overcrowded session on humor blogging, flinching every time a panelist says the 'F' word.

I flinched so much, I now have a twitch.

Okay, enough about that. Because that's just me.

Let me give you the highlights in what I'd like to call a photo essay. I'm poetic like that:

  1. Fit Flops.  I need these cute shoes. I keep seeing them and I heard they tone your butt. I snapped this picture of a very famous blogger's feet to show you. (Just insert your favorite blogger's name into these feet because I have no idea who they belong to): 

  2. Chicago. Pizza. Enough said. (Except that I'm putting a lot of stock in those Fit Flops).
3. I nearly choked on my biscuit when I heard Paula Deen was going to visit the Expo Center this morning. I'll be honest and tell you I was hoping she was serving sweet tea because I was missing the South. My pictures are incredible, so prepare yourself:

(part of Paula's head)
(Paula's left shoulder)
4. My real life friends (who came with me, but aren't bloggers) showed me around the city. I couldn't believe the fast-pace and crowds! It was like PolyAnna meets The Big City. I only feared for my life once. I tried to snap a picture of the busy intersection for posterity and a man thought I was trying to take his picture. So, I did. I took his picture because I thought it was funny. He thought it was a come on. And so he followed us. And ask me to call him. And email the picture to him. 

Thank God my friends are street-smart because if I'd been alone, I would have curled up into the fetal position under a bridge.  

Because that's what scaredy-cats do.

5. Connecting with a dozen or so bloggers was a huge highlight for me and just reminded me that it's really all about community.

The trip was fun (thanks UPrinting for being a great sponsor), but I'm excited that I'm heading home to my hubby and kids. 

It turns out that my life is all the excitement I need.

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