Easter Story Eggs

One of my favorite celebrations is Easter.

I love Spring! And candy shaped like eggs!

But as a Christian, I enjoy sharing the Resurrection Story with my kids.

For the past 5 or 6 years, we have used Resurrection Eggs to tell the amazing story. Family Life created these incredible story-telling tools before I was a parent and they have been hugely successful. Wal Mart sells them for a fantastic price. If you can't find them there, you can get them here (Resurrection Eggs).

The boxed set of plastic eggs come with a very good book that explains the story with Scriptures and ideas for celebrating. Each egg contains a symbol of The Resurrection story.

We gave our set away this year to our Russian Friends to take with them on their trip.

Instead of buying another one, we thought it would be powerful to make our own! 

I saved an egg carton and gathered a dozen plastic eggs.

We made a list of 12 items that are in the Resurrection Story and if we couldn't find the object around the house/yard, we just used our creativity.  

Here's ours: 
1. A picture of a donkey (Jesus triumphal entry)
2. Palm leaf from our front yard
3. A cup (from the Last Supper) We used a small lid to a water bottle
4. A flower (representing the Garden where Jesus prayed)
5. Some coins (Judas' betrayal)
6. A piece of leather (symbolizing the whip) 
7. A thorn (crown of thorns)
8. A paper cross
9. A dice (represent the soldiers who gambled for his clothes)
10. A nail (crucifixion)
11. A rock (to cover the tomb)
12. An empty egg (to remember the empty tomb!)

I think this is such a fantastic way to teach Easter in a tangible way. You can open all the eggs at one time or do like our family and begin twelve days before Easter and open one egg each night. We're on day three and it's such a fun way to end our day. Our kids take turns opening the eggs and we read Scripture. 

Tonight we Googled the place of Jesus' death because they had so many questions and thoughts....

It's more than a story!

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