I Believe

I had something silly planned for today.

And maybe I'll post it later.

Instead, I just wanted to talk. Is that okay?

For the last couple of days, I've followed links on Twitter.

And they led me to blogs dedicated to children. Very sick children.

I don't know what it is about these kind of posts that make my world standstill. It's as if nothing else matters in that moment. I am compelled to know. Sometimes I am afraid to read. Sometimes I can't see because of the tears. 

At the same time, I want to run away immediately. I want to distract myself from learning of an ill child. I don't want to think of them missing their childhood and I don't want to put myself in their place. I don't want to imagine my child in their child's place.

But I have to read and find out the how, the when and the where.

It's the why I struggle with the most.  Why do innocent babies and rosy cheeked toddlers and active children get cancer? Why do children suffer and babies struggle before they take their first breath? Why are some born with the heavy burden of a disease that cannot be cured? Why are my children healthy and theirs aren't? 

I don't know.

I don't understand.


I believe God.

I believe He can heal.

Please read this post if you doubt it.

And although His healing may not always leave these sweet children in the arms of their parents, He does heal.

Last night, I couldn't stop thinking about Cora, a tiny baby with Stage IV cancer or of Tuesday, a darling twin daughter who is fighting for her life. I whispered a prayer for Abby, a precious girl and of Parker, who is a strong fighter.  I thought of Kayleigh who is nearly 7 months old and hasn't left the hospital and of Harper who is winning the battle to go home.

So many.


I believe God.

This post isn't for Christians. It's not just for people who go to church, who are religious or spiritual. 

It's for you.  You are supposed to read this. 

If it was your child and you were desperate, wouldn't you try praying?

I wrote down their names in a notebook. Will you join me in praying for them? Will you read their stories, touch the face of their children and ask God?

I can't help but think of the Mother's of these babies.  I'm asking for them.

Do you believe?

It's a beautiful thing to care about others.

*UPDATE* Thank you for praying with me today and every day that you think about one of these children. Please read this comment from Parker's mom. I think it balances out the sadness that we feel:

"I can't speak for every family who has a child who is ill, or has special needs, or both. I can only speak for me and my family.

Parker is a total joy. He is faith in action. Each day this kid wakes up, smiles and faces the day with a determination that is humbling.

Parker is a master teacher. He is here not because he needed us, but because we needed him. Because of Parker our family has learned eternal truths that I don't think we ever could have learned in any other way. 

I would hope that when reading Parker's story, people wouldn't feel sad. I would hope instead that they would feel uplifted, inspired and armed with the knowledge that all life is worth living.

Through the love, support and prayers of others we are uplifted more than you can imagine.

Parker is a living testimony to the power of prayer. I am so blessed to be his mother.

I wouldn't trade this kid for anything.

My insurance company on the other hand is a totally different matter."

(I know there are many other sick children who need our prayers, please leave their names/links in the comments and add them to Mr. Linky below. This is the one time I use Mr. Linky that I'd like to see empty.)


Carol @SheLives said...

I'm on it.

There is peace in knowing He is Jehovah Rapha, the God Who Heals. These little ones are in His hands.

While you're at it, add Bart Millard's newborn daughter, Sophie. I believe she's out of the woods, but won't be released quite yet. (He's the lead singer for Mercy Me.)

Praying with you.

P.S.He loves you.. said...

Kristen..I shared on Tuesday a very real experience that took this mother and child (me) down the road of uncertainties..

When you have a few minutes come read another side of the story.

Anonymous said...

I posted a link about a little boy who is 2 and fighting leukemia - Caden Baker. I went to school with his dad in the early 80's. I haven't seen any member of his family in over 20 years, but I know God led me to find the Bakers again so I could pray for this precious boy.

Thanks for doing this, Kristen. I had something funny planned for today but I just might link to you instead.

franticallysimple said...

Kristen, almost two years ago I was a youth group leader at my church and one of my young women got pregnant.
Then at 36 weeks her baby was stillborn. I grieved with her and her family. They were recent emigrants and did not understand our burial laws and customs. I planned the funeral and picked out a burial plot. I dressed him for burial... All the while I thought, what if this were my child. It was so painful.
I spoke at the funeral and said that when tragedy strikes we often cry "Why?" Why did God let this happen?
There is no answer to that question. Perhaps it is the wrong one.
Perhaps a better question is how. How can I go on? How will God heal even this? How can I use this to bless others?
I believe that this question will never go unanswered.
Bless you.

Michelle said...

I think of this all the time! What would I do if those were my kids? Just this week my youngest had an appt at Children's Hospital (she is fine) and I saw so many sick kids there it just broke my heart. In my prayers!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I, too, read and read all the stories of sick children through teary eyes. It just breaks my heart. Children should not be sick. And the cruelest twist in it all is that the children are always so full of love and hope. They seem to be the best children on earth. They know God is there with them.

Monica said...

I've been praying for some of these same babies. I don't think we'll ever understand why some things in life happen. But we can trust and believe in a Holy and faithful God who loves us and will carry us through all the struggles of life.

Shannon said...

Every time I run across one of these blogs I too cry my eyes out then run hug my children. I posted a link for my nephew Jorden. Thankfully he isn't seriously ill like so many of these children but around a week ago a little boy at daycare tripped and fell against his knee while Jorden was sitting with his legs crossed snapping his femur. He is a cast from mid torso to his toes and will have to remain casted for 8 weeks. His mama needs all the prayers she can get while she deals with caring for him.

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for some of these children, following their stories, crying tears of grief and joy as their stories twist and turn.

My daughter has been diagnosed with a progressive, genetic disease that seems to be doing a lot of progressing lately. I've not been asking much of "why me" but "why any of us, God?" and finding so much wisdom in reading When God Weeps by Joni Eaerkson Tada. I really do believe it's answering the question of "why" for me and putting my trust in the knowledge that He is faithful and He is good. No matter the twist or turn. Whether He alone holds my child, and all these other children, or He lets us mothers and fathers hold them too.

Thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...
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The Source said...

All of these children will be in my prayers. I thank God for the health of all four of mine.

lmt1073 said...

I, like you, find myself reading these blogs and crying because my heart is breaking for these children and their families and praying for them and for myself and my children. i will continue to pray every day with you. You are an amazing person for thinking of all these sweet babies.

PamperingBeki said...

Thank you so much for this!

I agree that it's hard sometimes to post "real" things on our blogs. Serious things. Not so funny things.

That's how I felt when I heard about Cora a week ago. But I felt like a blog can be used as a tool for God, so I did post about her story.

Thank you for sharing this! I will pray for each and every one of these babies today.

I don't always understand Him, but God is good. All the time.

Amanda said...

ugh!! I hate reading those stories too but I know we are suppose to read them and weap with those who weap and rejoice with those who rejoice. I will join you in prayer for those precious children

VanderbiltWife said...

It's amazing to me that we have this wonderful Bloggy World where so many thousands of people are praying for one another. These stories do break my heart. I just could not believe what happened with Harper, and cried for joy yesterday when I saw pictures of her Momma finally getting to hold her. I just cannot imagine what I would have done if my precious daughter had come out sick or stillborn.

Thanks for the post, Kristen.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, Kristen, you did a wonderful thing today. And I believe that God will work through you. He will work through all of us if we give him the chance. AND he is working through these precious children and their families, we just don't know how yet.

Heather of the EO said...

If you get time, could you come visit my blog? My latest post is a little something I'm doing for Tuesday and her family. I will pray for them, but I just had to do something else too. As small as it is, I just wanted to help try to ease a bit of the financial burden for this family.

Then I came here from twitter and am so moved by what you're doing. Thank you.

Jenn said...

Kristen, Thanks for putting this all in one place. I will be adding these children and their families to my prayer journal.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I agree, that this is one Mr. Linky I'd like to see empty. And I added another link - a link to a girl who's older sister died of cancer, and now she's got it. Those parents, I don't know how they do it...

When I found out about Annette, I posted about something like this myself recently, not understanding why children had to suffer.. it just isn't right. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. But it is good that our hearts break over these children, because then we are moved to do something, even as simple as praying fervently and asking others to join in.

FYI - for those who know about Annette Maxey, there is a letter project (similiar to the Mother Letter one) happening at this blog that you can write a note/letter of encouragement to the family.

Bonnie said...

My little granddaughter, Hazel was born with spinda bifada. She will never walk. She has spend many weeks in the hospital in her short little life. She is 16 months old now. She is an angel. Someone said, who needs legs when you have wings? Please pray for her she also has respiratory issues. Please pray for her parents who also have three other little girls to care for as well. Please pray for her grandparents who feel so helpless to help them cope and find some normalcy once again.

Cathy | Mommy Needs Motivation said...

Thank you Kristen! Another beautiful use of your blog. I'm inspired. And I pray for the children that I read about too. I am not sure I'll have the guts to read all their stories, but I'll say a prayer for their names in Mr. Linky.

God is good. Even now.


Bonnie said...

Kristen, I think I messed up on Mr. Linky. I am sorry. Bonnie

MAMA CEO said...

How very sad...Yes, I will totally pray for them and their families...

PS... I have an assignment for you on my blog.

Carolina Mama said...

Who knew! I had just written and tweeted my post (late in the morning here) and popped over to check your bloggy carnival and voila.

I think not a coincidence. I had even considered not writing this today. Now I am sharing it. Thanks!

looneymom said...

My brother and his wife, had a baby that was born at 26 weeks. He was a beautiful baby boy. He lived about 12 hours. Our family, we believe in the Lord, and we trust the Lord. But, at that moment, you want to scream and ask why. After the doctors told us, what kind of life Little Buster would have had, we understood. He was in a better place. Wrapped in the Lords arms. The kids that get sick and battle all the horrible diseases, I don't know why they go through things like that. But, I do know this....The Lord is wonderful. He has plans for EVERY person on this earth. So, we have to trust in Him. We have to believe in the power of prayer.

Amy said...

I posted the linky for Noah @ Ourquiverfull. The link is to the latest update, but you can easily find the beginning of his story on their site.

He is a precious, sweet boy and his parents have amazing faith. They have been through so much and are still standing strong in Christ.

mommy4life said...

I too am disturbed by these stories. I feel overjoyed when the child improves and goes home and I grieve for the parents when that doesn't happen. I pray the parents do have faith in a God who still loves them. I hug my own children a little tighter and thank God for them. I am praying.

Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

Just yesterday I sat in my room and cried for some family I'll never meet, but I love them dearly. Mercy, you worded this post well.

lifeduringnaptime said...

you wrote the very thought I was thinking last night as I cried over these blogs. I know God is in control & that He has a purpose for each of these children.

I put another link to Baby Trey on Mr.Linky (the other one didn't work)

THANK you so much for praying for him. I know his family is so humbled by all the prayer warriors that have assembled in behalf of their sweet baby!

Prayer is powerful! TO God be the GLory!

Janine (@twincident) said...

Great idea. Beautiful post. You inspire me.

Robin said...

Just read Stellan's story. Wow! We do serve a miracle working God! I've been praying for a 5 yr old boy we know with Luekodystrophy. He's recently been through a stem-cell transplant at Duke. I'll link his Caringbridge site.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Wonderful of you to share so we can all be praying.

Annette Monts Falls said...

God definitely has a plan that the rest of us can't fully comprehend yet, but He is bringing so many together into the circle of grace. May His hand be upon each and every family connected through these entries, blogs and other sources that HOPE indeed ENDURES and that miracles still happen around us every day and some are little and some are huge, but they are all miracles. I still believe in huge miracles and my journey has not been unimportant in His eyes; my tears are spilling because I am so moved at how God is speaking to me of late.....I know he is using me and that He also knows my heart and all our hearts.....He is knotting this particular tapestry together and it is going to be breathtaking.....believe. Love never ends.......

Tammy and Parker said...

I can't speak for every family who has a child who is ill, or has special needs, or both. I can only speak for me and my family.

Parker is a total joy. He is faith in action. Each day this kid wakes up, smiles and faces the day with a determination that is humbling.

Parker is a master teacher. He is here not because he needed us, but because we needed him. Because of Parker our family has learned eternal truths that I don't think we ever could have learned in any other way.

I would hope that when reading Parker's story, people wouldn't feel sad. I would hope instead that they would feel uplifted, inspired and armed with the knowledge that all life is worth living.

Through the love, support and prayers of others we are uplifted more than you can imagine.

Parker is a living testimony to the power of prayer. I am so blessed to be his mother.

I wouldn't trade this kid for anything.

My insurance company on the other hand is a totally different matter.

Lee the MWOB Queen said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog. The Glam Life sent me over. I can not believe this is your post for the day. I have been soooo obsessed with these stories - children and families who need prayers and support and love and miracles. My heart can not hold these all - it gets to be too much really. Too many tears for all of the WHY you so beautifully wrote about. It is just so hard to understand the why.

You are wonderful for posting this. I was thinking of doing the same thing soon. This is why we are here. To reach out and hold hands with those who need help and to send as many prayers as possible to yes, a God who can heal and who will heal.

I added Charlie to your list. A little boy I met through my friend who was a nurse of his. His family in incredible and strong. His story is heartbreaking but also filled with faith.

Thank you for this post today.

Natalie said...

It brought tears to my eyes to see how many are already on your mr. linky! i will be praying!!!

i just read tuesday's story this morning. thanks for organizing these for my prayer saved me some time and i will use the saved time to pray more!

Christy said...

My daughter Jordyn was 6 days from turning 1 when she was dx with AML leukemia. She fought like you could never imagine for 14 months, with a smile on her face, joy in her heart, and love for Jesus the whole time. I miss her everyday, but celebrate that she's with our Savior and that one day I will be with her again.

I will say I'm kind of selfish and have found I personally have to limit myself on who I read about, as I get sucked in and it's just too much reliving on my part. These sweet children need prayers as do their parents.

I'm not going to place Jordyn's link on your Mr. Linky, but if you go to my blog I have links there. I am indeed so blessed to have been chosen to have been her Mother for the 2 yrs 1 month and 8 days that God allowed me to mother her, on this earth.

There are no more why me's, but why not me. I don't understand why it was Jordyn, but I know she lived her life fully and completely every single day and is the bravest and most extroidanary person I will ever have the priviledge of knowing and loving and I was the one that got to give birth to her, to hold her in my arms when she was born and when she went home to Jesus. I was the first person to kiss her and the last. GOD truly blessed me with my Jordyn Ashleigh.

D... said...

Absolutely beautiful post. No child should have to suffer. I wish they didn't have to. Parker's mother's comment is so uplifting. I would hope that in her place, I could have the same faith & strength.

Thank you for giving these babies a voice and opening them up to the power of prayer.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Kristen .. as a family who has lived and is still living with a child with health issues, prayers prayed ARE felt by the family.

Believe me .. when we didn't know what to say to God, prayers from friends and family and those who got the emails and didn't know us mattered. They helped and still do help us through.

Thank you for doing this!

Jenn said...

So many people have come to my page since my Aunt Shannon posted my sons name, Jorden. (It's amazing the support the internet can bring you!) I came over here to post my thanks to you & your readers for their thoughts & prayers but I've changed my mind. I just want to say how sorry I am for all these babies who are suffering, for all these Mamas who worry what the future is going to bring for their family. We should (and will) be praying for all of these people as well as the families we don't know who are suffering. What an amazing way to bring the bloggy-world together, Kristen. I'm going to blog & link to you...hope that's ok!

The Glamorous Life said...

Kristen and all. I am sorry to report that Tuesday lost her battle with cancer today.

Please continue to pray for her family.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I too cry and pray over each tweet I see about a sick child. My heart breaks. I love how Christian women can come together and pray for all of these needs.


Jenny said...

I just realized that I never added a comment. Thank you so much for doing this. It is a meaningful thing and a way for us all to feel like we can help through prayer.

Leighton (the boy behind the link I added to the list) is scheduled to have a heart transplant this morning. Oh the prayers!